You have 20/20 vision if you spot Barbie in this optical illusion in 60 seconds

The whole world is having a bright pink summer thanks to the highest-anticipated Barbie movie, which is coming to cinemas on July 21. 

In order to celebrate, Cleanipedia has come out with a fun mind-twisting puzzle for doll lovers everywhere to enjoy. If you wish to prove you have perfect eyesight and could spot Barbie no matter what, then here is your chance.

The iconic line from the upcoming film is that “Barbie is everything.” She can be an astronaut, president, or cowgirl, but Cleanipedia also believes she would make a fantastic Cleanfluencer as well.

Test your brain and vision by looking a look at this puzzle, which is filled with many beauty products as well as many brightly coloured cleaning products. 

However, somewhere in the pink depths of the image is Barbie’s silhouette. If you are able to spot the iconic toy in under 60 seconds, you have fantastic vision and are a true Barbie fan.

Get ready and set a timer for one minute, and see if you are able to see the ultimate girly toy. 

The silhouette can appear anywhere on the puzzle, but if you are not able to spot Barbie on time then do not worry, as the answer to the puzzle is down below.

Barbie’s silhouette can be spotted on the top side of the puzzle, just below a bottle of pink varnish and above a green bar of soap. 

If you are disappointed at not being able to find Barbie on time then try looking at this mindboggling work of art, which is said to reveal the viewer’s temperament depending on what they see. 

The new Barbie movie stars Margot Robbie as the doll herself and Ryan Gosling as Ken, who will both journey into the real world after leaving the utopian Barbie Land. 

Barbie has swept all over London this week due to the Holywood cast being in the capital for the European film premiere Bright pink billboards and taxis have been seen throughout the city, with even the London Eye getting a girly makeover. 

Margot Robbie has explained why so many people are excited to see Barbie on screen. Speaking at the London premiere to Sky, Margot said: “Barbieland feels like a female utopia. But you do, by the end of the film, see the flaw in that – I mean, a hierarchy in anyone’s power is not necessarily the best thing. But it is fun, it’s very pretty.”

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