All the love island sex codes explained – from beauty salon to manicure

Love Island fans have been left confused again as the islanders talk about their bedtime antics.

This time, Danica and Billy were the one's talking about "beauty salons" as they gossiped to the other islanders about what they'd gotten up to under the covers.

Danica revealed to Indiyah and Summer that her and Billy had "gotten carried away in bed" and had "manicures".

While Billy told the boys: "Just cracking on with it, little bit of the 'salon's open' last night."

Fans are still baffled by the contestants talk of "beauty salons" and other treatments, but it's all part of a secret code that the islanders have established to talk about their sex lives.

Here's what all of the sex codes they've used to far this year mean.

The beauty salon

The "beauty salon" was the first secret code word that the contestants came up with this year.

Towards the start of the series Ekin-Su was heard asking the girls: "Anything happened in the beauty salon last night, ladies?"

Since then the beauty salon has popped up regularly in the girls morning chats on the terrace as they spill the tea on their nights with the boys.

The beauty salon is the code word for anything sexual happening with their partner.

If nothing sexual has happened the girls will say that their beauty salon was "closed" but if anything raunchy has happened then they'll reveal it was "open".


The "beauty salon" code doesn't give very much detail about exactly what's happened between the islanders, so the girls have gone on to develop the code as their romances progressed.

The term "manicure" was introduced by Tasha after she admitted to giving Andrew a "manicure" in the hideaway.

On Monday's episode, even Danica got a bit confused about the secret code while talking about her and Billy's night.

She told Indiyah and Summer: "We may have got a little bit carried away. I don't even know the terms… it was a tiny taster."

Indiyah then asked: "Were you the the client?"

Danica seemed to then remember the code as she replied: "Both. It was a little… what is it? A manicure."

The girls haven't revealed the exact details of what a "manicure" entails but it basically means performing sex acts with your hands.


There's also been some mentions of "pedicures" by the Islanders, although this hasn't been used as much as the "manicure" code.

It's likely that pedicure means the same thing as manicure as they both seem to be used interchangeably but there's a possibility that it could refer to activities relating to the feet.

After all, we know at least some of the Islanders are partial to feet with Luca and Gemma grossing viewers out with their toe sucking.

Full set of acrylics

When the girls were talking about what might happen between Gemma and Luca in the hideaway, Ekin-Su said: "She will get a pedicure, manicure, full set of acrylics".

Full set of acrylics likely refers to full-on-sex.

The term has only been used once jokingly though, none of the islanders have admitted to having a "full set of acrylics" yet and the other girls didn't think that Gemma would in the hideaway.

Manicure with the mouth

The codes aren't supposed to give too much away but it seems that Tasha forgot that when she told the girls she'd had a "mouth manicure" from Andrew.

Tasha had been left fuming when Andrew's heart rate wasn't raised the most by her during the heart rate challenge and insisted that he had some making up to do.

Discussing her under the cover antics with the girls the next day, she said: "Obviously, I was like, 'You've got a lot of making up to do' so yeah I had a manicure but with his mouth."

This one's not exactly subtle – it means oral sex.

Blow dry

Ekin-Su has been a bit more clever with the creation of her latest code word, although it's still fairly obvious.

She told the girls: "I blow dried something [and] it blow dried in exactly 10 seconds."

"Blow dry" also refers to oral sex.

Pipette, telescope and bunsen burner

The boys have also created their own code words, although it looks like they don't actually need as many as they've created as they all mean the same thing.

The main code word used by the boys is "pipette", this was created by microbiologist Dami when he asked the boys: "Did anyone use their pipettes last night? You guys know what pipettes are, right?"

Dami used the code again when talking to Billy about what he'd been up to with Danica, he asked: "Did she play with your pipette?"

Pipette is a pretty obvious one and simply translates to penis.

It seems like Dami is a fan of scientific code words and he's also used the codes telescope and bunsen burner instead of pipette at times.

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