Andor Video: Adria Arjona Previews Her Role as Fearless Bix Caleen, Star Wars Series' Very Complicated Romance

The similarities between Andor‘s Bix Caleen, played by Adria Arjona (Emerald City), and Raiders of the Lost Ark‘s Marion Ravenwood are not insignificant.

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Marion was happily running a saloon when a rakish man from her romantic past came looking for a favor, appealing to her unique access to certain information.

Andor‘s Bix, meanwhile, is happily running a salvage yard on the planet Ferrix when the rakish Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) comes looking for a favor, appealing to her unique access to certain information.

That comparison was new, yet not lost, on Arjona when TVLine spoke with her in the video Q&A above.

“Yeah, Bix is scrappy” like Marion, the actress concurs. “I like Bix because she isn’t afraid of getting her hands dirty. She doesn’t lead with fear at all.”

Andor takes place five years prior to the events of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, in which Luna’s Cassian was introduced as an intelligence officer with the Rebel Alliance. Season 1, which premieres this Wednesday with the first three episodes (of 12), will span one year, while Season 2 will cover the remaining four.

When we first meet Bix in the premiere, the intrepid mechanic has a peculiar, quasi-romantic arrangement going on with coworker Timm (James McArdle), whom Arjona describes as being “stable, supportive, present.” But as soon as Cassian shows up on her doorstep to ask for that favor — in the midst of a rapidly escalating crisis — you can see “they’ve been through a lot,” Arjona previews. “There’s trust that’s been broken, you can feel that tension…. You can also feel the love that they have for each other. But time has never been on their side.”

The other important woman in Cassian’s life at this critical juncture in the Rogue One character’s evolution is Maarva (played by Fiona Shaw), who first met a young “Kassa” under most unusual circumstances and on a very different planet.

“Cassian doesn’t trust anybody like he trusts Bix and Maarva,” Arjona attests. “They’re the women in his life, the most important things to him.”

Press play above for much more from Arjona about Bix Caleen and her role in Disney+’s latest live-action Star Wars series.

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