Antiques Road Trip expert mortified as she drops rare collectable

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Irita Marriott nearly damaged a historic brass and copper bed warmed on Wednesday’s instalment of Antiques Road Trip. The expert came across the rare item in Top Banana Antiques Mall, in Tetbury. As she attempted to put it back in its rightful place, it fell on the floor. 

Irita was thrilled when she discovered the bed warmer, which dated back to the 19th Century, on the BBC One programme. 

She branded the item the “Rolls Royce” of bed warmers and showed viewers how it would have worked. 

She unscrewed a metal cap and explained water would be poured into the hole and the metal would heat up. 

Irita said following a closer inspection of the item: “I think that’s a definite possibility, that one.

“That could be some hot stuff at auction.”

She told viewers: “It’s basically a 19th-century electric blanket.

“I have seen many of these and this is pretty much a Rolls Royce of one.”

However, she was soon left mortified when the item crashed to the ground as she was unable to balance it correctly where she found it. 

The panicked presenter grabbed it off the floor and pulled a concerned expression to the camera. 

She whispered: “All breakages must be paid for.”

To her relief, the collectable was not damaged following her clumsy blunder and she decided to buy the item to sell it at auction. 

It was priced at £95 but Irita struck a deal with the shop owner and bought it for the bargain price of £20. 

Later on, she sold the bed warmer for an underwhelming £28, which meant she only made an £8 profit at auction. 

After the item was sold, a disheartened Irita said: “It’s less than what I thought it might make but that’s kind of been my pattern in this auction.”

Auctioneer Raj Bisram, who is competing against her on the series, agreed and commented: “That was a bit quick.”

Many BBC viewers were thrilled Antiques Road Trip aired this week as other shows had been cancelled so broadcasters could air rolling coverage about the Queen’s life and death. 

Chris penned on Twitter: “My soul is happy BBC kept Antiques Road Trip on the schedule this week.”

Teresa Merrigan added: “If it’s royal-related coverage on BBC1, it’s normal progs on BBC2, and vice-versa. No one has to miss Antiques Road Trip or Pointless.” 

In Friday afternoon’s episode of Antiques Road Trip, Irita and Raj “embrace their inner pirate” as they plunder the shops of Cornwall. 

Antiques Road Trip episodes are available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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