BBC Breakfast host told no need for you by Naga Munchetty

BBC Breakfast: Naga jokes weather forecaster isn’t needed

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Mike Bushell joined Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt in the BBC Breakfast studio to share the latest sports news. As he discussed Wales’ upcoming World Cup match in India, he detailed the temperatures they’d be playing in. Naga went on to joke with Matt he was no longer needed.

The Wales hockey team are currently in India preparing for their World Cup match against England on Friday.

It’s almost 128 years since Wales’ last international match and the BBC hosts wanted to wish the team well.

As Charlie stated Wales was behind them, Mike shared some more insight on the weather conditions they’d be playing in.

Mike commented: “At 11 o’clock in the eastern India city of Rakala, where it’s 27 degrees. Mild and sunny.”

“That will be quite some occasion with a fearsome crowd,” Charlie replied.

Mike went to continue: “They’ve both got to play India as well because it’s one of the national sports there.”

Naga cut in: “Did you just say 27 degrees was mild?”

“For India yeah, I was thinking it would be 34 or 35 but I was speaking to one of the players yesterday and they said it’s quite nice, quite pleasant, unlike here,” Mike shared.

Naga joked: “Nothing like here,” as Mike teased: “Sorry Matt, stealing your thunder again.”

The BBC host told weatherman Matt: “Yeah, no need for you Matt, we’ve had Mike do the job.”

“Always doing the weather before me,” Matt acknowledged. “In northern India it’s set to get a bit colder in the coming days.”

Earlier in the show, Naga had to apologise to Eurovision star Sam Ryder after Charlie “disrespected” him.

Commenting on his BRIT Awards nomination, Charlie remarked: “There’s some serious names. You know, he’s up right up there with some serious credential artists. No disrespect to Sam.”

Sam began laughing as Naga jumped in: “Seriously, when you say no disrespect there was no way… Sam, I apologise.”

Charlie tried to recover, adding: “Sam knows what I mean, let me explain.

“As Colin said a moment ago, Eurovision has not been considered serious music credentials.

“It’s almost set apart isn’t it? And now, low and behold, Sam comes in and given a totally different thing.”

Thankfully for Charlie, Sam agreed, sharing: “It’s treated like a different world so this is so cool, I think, for the future of it.

“Like Maneskin for example, they have taken over the world, blazing the trail in the genre of rock music and heavy music.

“So it’s so cool for the institution of Eurovision as well as the team behind our project.”

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