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THINGS got a little bit awkward on BBC Breakfast this week, as host Jon Kay made the wrong move by wearing a ‘camouflage’ shirt after a bird poo incident a day before.

It’s been a tough week for the BBC Breakfast host, as he’s found himself in yet another awkward wardrobe mishap.

On Monday morning’s edition of the BBC’s flagship breakfast news program, Jon went for a linen jacket, and a blue shirt- but it was shortly ruined as a bird decided to poo on the color of the shirt.

This time, Jon thought he would dress in a white button-up shirt, with lilac flowers, admitting he hoped the shirt would be a camouflage in the event a bird tried to poo on him again.

But things didn’t go to plan for Jon, as while he was at Droitwich Spa Lido, he came in contact with another man wearing a similar outfit.

While introducing Dr Mohit Mandiratta, who appeared on the show to give health advice to Brit's about dealing with the current heatwave in the UK, Jon noticed that he was wearing the same shirt as him.

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The doctor's shirt was almost identical to Jon's, with a slight difference in the shape of flowers printed.

Jon, slightly taken aback, said: "Dr Mohit has just arrived, you've got to see this, right? We didn't co-ordinate deliberately, but can you believe this Nina?"

Chuckling, he added: "I thought my shirt was crazy, but he beat me!"

Dr Mohit then replied: "I know, I didn't get the memo, clearly. But we look like twins for the morning!"

Jon then joked: "Twins, or utterly predictable middle aged men!" and

Dr Mohit agreed: "Very true, very true."

Bantering, Jon asked the Dr: "Have you brought equally wild trunks?"

An amused, Nina from the studio giggled as she watched, saying: "Do you know what's even more amazing, Jon?

"From where we're looking at you, we can't see the floor. Are you actually standing on a surfboard? Balancing?"

As the camera zoomed out to show Jon standing on the ground, Nina said: "Oh, they've ruined it!"

Sports correspondent, John Watson couldn't help but join in with the banter, saying: "Do you know what we should get Jon for Christmas? The matching shorts. We'll have to fish those out."

He then joked: "I wish I could match him!"

As Nina replied: "Next time!" before turning to camera and giving a cheeky grin.

BBC Breakfast airs daily from 6am on BBC One.

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