BBC Breakfasts Naga Munchetty takes brutal swipe at ‘boring’ co-star

Naga Munchetty and Ben Thompson discuss food staples

BBC Breakfast star Naga Munchetty didn’t hold back on sharing her thoughts about Ben Thompson’s diet on the show.

On Friday morning, the duo were speaking about research which revealed shoppers’ confusion over portion sizes of food.

After playing a clip of Graham Satchell speaking to locals on the streets of London about their eating habits, one man left Naga and Ben stumped when he revealed he was 82 years old.

Back in the studio, Naga said: “I think that’s hard to believe, isn’t it? Which is only a compliment if he wants to look younger.

“Apparently, he has prunes and sardines. A good diet, sounds perfect for me.”

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Although Ben didn’t seem too keen on the idea as he confessed the food didn’t sound that interesting.

Defending the man’s choice, Naga said: “He doesn’t have it all the time! Well, you have a staple in your day don’t you?”

Ben admitted: “Porridge, yes.”

Having a cheeky swipe at her co-star, she replied: “There you go, it doesn’t make you boring, does it? It’s not that that makes him boring.”

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Naga could be seen giggling to herself at her jibe towards Ben as he tried to carry on the segment.

Whilst Ben continued to speak about portion sizes, the 48-year-old couldn’t stifle her laughter as she kept looking down to try and compose herself.

Before passing over to Sarah Keith-Lucas for the weather, Naga quipped: “We’re going to make portion sizes discussions much more interesting later on, I promise you.”

As she burst into laughter, Ben added: “It’s a really important issue.”

Handing the segment over to the weather, Naga added: “Sarah, you just look fascinated by this discussion!”

Still in a playful mood, Naga could be seen shaking Ben’s shoulder to wind him up over her boring comment.

BBC Breakfast continues weekdays on BBC One from 6am

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