BBC News host left in stitches over viewers dirty innuendo live on air

BBC News: ‘Strange noises’ heard during report

BBC News presenter Peter Levy was left in fits of laughter after reading out a viewer’s comment which raised a few eyebrows.

The latest East Yorkshire edition of the show took a hilarious turn when Peter asked viewers what their oldest appliances were.

When he read out a viewer called Mal’s comments, he ended up cracking up as he realised his words could have been misinterpreted.

Reading her remarks about her old vacuum cleaner, Peter said: “It still works and it’s handy because it blows as well as sucks.”

The newsreader then erupted into giggles over the matter and struggled to move on to the next segment.

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“I don’t know what to say to that,” he admitted, while the show’s weather presenter quipped: “Very dangerous.”

The vacuum cleaner was a wedding present from the viewer’s grandmother in 1971 which was more than a century old.

Viewers flocked to Twitter to comment on the funny moment, with Scott Bryan sharing: “It just gets better and better. The last bit is pure joy. Needed it.” (sic)

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Catherine said: “This is what local tv should be about – local stories, established faces on the telly every night and real joy. I’m not sure some of the high-ups get it at the beeb.”

Debs penned: “We love @peter_levy and Paul Hudson, they have great banter. @BBCLookNorth is far better than the one we should watch, but Peter and the team are great reporters/ presenters and always have a nice feature.”

Ryan Hack wrote: “Some don’t like when the news reports on ‘Non-newsworthy things’. I love it as long as it’s done after the more important news as it brings a smile and joy to people when the world seems bleak and sad.”

Tim Grindell added: “Peter Levy is a treasure and must be protected at all costs. Met him once and was exactly who you see on screen.”

David Oliver quipped: “Thank you. This had me laughing along a good’un too. My wife turned to me and asked what I was doing to make the bed vibrate. I was just trying to suppress my laugh as she was sleeping.” (sic)

Another viewer shared a picture of their vintage microwave which was “used most days” despite being made in 1983.

Meanwhile, a viewer named Gaynor had a 30-year-old microwave which was still going strong.

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