Bradley Walsh left gobsmacked by The Larkins filming detail

Bradley Walsh talks about wearing his grandad's hat on The Larkins

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The second series of The Larkins is in full swing with ITV viewers getting to keep up with the fictional family in the idyllic countryside of Kent. Speaking to, actor Bradley Walsh confessed the fresh food they receive on set is extraordinary with one piece taking two days to make. In fact, one particular dish from the show he was able to take home lasted him months.

Last month the second series of the Darling Buds of May remake returned to ITV as Joanna Scanlan and Bradley Walsh reprised their roles of Ma and Pop Larkin.

The drama follows the lives of their family in the picturesque village of Kent in the 1950s, as fans got to watch the romance between their eldest daughter Mariette (previously played by Sabrina Bartlett) and Charley (Tok Stephen) unfold last year.

However, this series will focus on their other child Primrose (Lydia Page) falling in love with the new young Reverend Candy (Maxim Ays) along with the unsettling arrival of a new family, the Jerebohms.

Along with keeping up with the Larkins’ antics, there’s often a delicious-looking spread provided by Ma who prides herself on her cooking.

Speaking about the mouthwatering food on-set to, actor Bradley confessed one pie took the culinary team two days to make.

After coming back to the interview to check his freezer, Bradley said: “In the first episode, you see Pop coming in a bit worse for wear and a bit drunk.

“He falls over in the lane, comes in, puts a bottle of beer down on the kitchen table and there’s a massive close-up of a game pie.

“That game pie is real, it took two days to make, seriously I’m not joking! It took two days, it was probably at least 14 inches tall and about 14 inches round, so it was gigantic!”

Admitting that no one out of the cast or crew wanted the pie after filming, Bradley confessed he decided to take it home with him.

He added: “I took the pie, brought it home, cut it into bits and put it in my freezer and I thought we had a piece left!”

Emphasising how big the pie was, Bradley shared he had the last piece in October and was given it back in May.

The Larkins star continued: “So the food is extraordinary.”

However, it seems as though not everyone is as lucky as Bradley as newcomer to the show Morgana Robinson, who plays Pinkie Jerebohm, recalled an incident from one particular scene.

She said: “There’s a day where the Larkin kids are selling strawberries and I’m not joking, it was the height of summer and there were about 50 punnets just sat there winking at me.

“The smell is just amazing but for continuity, you can’t touch it and I was like, ‘Don’t worry as soon as they wrap I’m just going to dive in.’

“I went straight in and they all went, ‘No, no!’ They had all been sprayed with hairspray because it makes them shinier.”

The six-part series is currently halfway through and viewers have watched as Pop Larkin has found himself the target of the new arrivals after he sold them Bluff Court.

Once they realised the mansion was falling apart after already paying a high price, the Jerebohms were furious when Pop refused to give them money back.

However, unknowingly to Pop that then starts a war between him and the new family as they vow to get revenge.

Speaking about the new character, Morgana said: “She’s an absolute rotter. It’s brilliant to play as an actress, I like playing the dark bits.”

The Larkins continues Sunday 13 November on ITV at 8pm

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