Britain’s Got Talent fans blast ITV show as they ‘work out’ Simon fire act

BGT: Contestant sets judge Simon Cowell on fire

Miki Dark, 57, left the Britain’s Got Talent judges scared when he made a terrifying appearance on the ITV talent show.

He invited Simon Cowell up onto the stage to take part in a horrifying stunt which saw him sit on a chair, have a hood put over his head and then set on fire.

But while the audience screamed and Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and Bruno Tonioli were left shaken by the act, viewers claimed to work out how it was done.

Miki Dark placed the hood over Simon’s head before putting gasoline over it. He then placed a red box on top before setting match alight.

He held the flame above the box as Bruno warned him not to drop it in.

The audience screamed in horror as flames leapt out of the box before Miki opened a window to show Simon’s head was not there and it was filled with fire.

Amanda was left open-mouthed by the act while Bruno covered his face in shock.

But there was nothing to fear as Miki then extinguished the flame to show Simon was unharmed underneath,

“What happened?” Simon asked. “That didn’t feel good.”

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Hosts And and Dec noted Simon looked “furious” as he told the judges: “That was the worst feeling.”

When Amanda explained his head was on fire, Simon looked far from impressed with the act.

“I didn’t know it was bloody lighter fuel,” the head judge commented.

But viewers took to Twitter to share how the act worked claiming it was “staged”.

@Bakerloo_ posted: “So confused by the pretending to set Simon on fire act?! Obviously he wasnt in any danger #bgt.”

“So a box with a false roof, false front and false sides nearly tricked us into thinking he set Simons head on fire. #BGT #BritainsGotTalent,” tweeted @leweyfield.

@Catchasalmon88 shared: “##BGT a fire proof box sectioned off all round the top and sides, with lighter fluid already doused on beforehand, and water Simon’s head completely shielded anyway. This is basic magic that’s been done for a century.”

“Regarding the look of surprise on Simon’s face earlier (he’s such a bad actor) we were supposed to think he hadn’t seen the fire actor …what about the reheard that the production company and their insurers insisted on ?#BGT,” @fieldy56 commented.

@PaulPoeUK raged: “This is quite stupid putting this on a kids show, fire ain’t cool. #BGT.”

“Have the audience and judges never seen a fire-proof hood used in special effects? It was entertaining but not dangerous in the slightest. #BGT,” asked @Dalesphere.

Britain’s Got Talent airs Saturday on ITV at 8pm.

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