Carol Kirkwood leaves BBC Breakfast viewers baffled with weather blunder

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BBC Breakfast’s weather correspondent Carol Kirkwood told viewers the Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning of thunderstorms throughout Wednesday. However, the Scottish presenter did not realise there was a huge problem with the green screen weather map of the UK she was using.

The 60-year-old was explaining rain and thunderstorms were expected around London, Norfolk, Suffolk and Oxfordshire as temperatures plummet around the nation after the UK’s hottest day on record. 

However, viewers were baffled as the weather map had labelled locations incorrectly.

Multiple places across the country were labelled as Abbots Langley, which is a large village in Hertfordshire.

Jim Thompson tweeted: “Is Abbots Langley the most popular place name in the South?”

David Howlett shared: “Met Office yellow weather warning of multiple Abbots Langley.” 

Zabka quipped: “Wow, @bbcweather really putting #abbotslangley on the map today.” 

@Busy1971 added: “Today’s question, where is Abbots Langley? Who knows. #BBCBreakfast.” 

Anne Reece remarked: “Looks like Abbots Langley is going to explode due to thunderstorms today. So instead of one small Abbots Langley, were going to have five tiny ones. #abbotslangley.” 

Andy asked: “Is Abbots Langley going to have thunderstorms, or are thunderstorms going to have Abbots Langleys?”

While viewers continued to highlight the blunder on social media, Carol did not appear to notice the error. 

She continued with her weather report, telling viewers: “Tonight the cloud will continue to push down from Scotland and there will be some rain coming out of this as well.”

Carol added: “Through the afternoon we will see some thunderstorms develop. 

“They will be heading across the Pennines, Lincolnshire and Yorkshire, but the main area which the Met Office is warning for is the South Eastern quarter. 

“We could see some torrential downpours in a very short amount of time which could lead to some flash flooding, for example.

“It’s going to feel humid today as well, still hot in the South East, with temperatures up to 29C, but it’s not as hot if we push further west.”

Presenters Jon Kay and Nina Warhurst thanked Carol for the update but failed to mention the issue with the weather map. 

They reflected on how temperatures hit a scorching 40C in dozens of places around the UK on Tuesday. 

Nina added: “It’s the rate at which it is increasing now which is really scary.

“Scientists say heatwaves like this are becoming more and more likely because of human-induced climate change.” 

BBC Breakfast continues on weekdays at 6am on BBC One. 

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