Chelsea banishes Ravi as sex betrayal is revealed in EastEnders

Chelsea Fox (Zaraah Abrahams) is set to finally discover the extent of Ravi Gulati’s (Aaron Thiara) deception in EastEnders, and she isn’t having any of it.

After all hell breaks loose between Ravi and Jack Branning (Scott Maslen), Chelsea learns all about the affair her mum and boyfriend engaged in before they started dating.

Ravi only became involved with Chelsea after Denise Fox (Diane Parish) ended their illicit affair.

He was determined to find out what information detective Jack had gathered on him in relation to his links with organised crime, and saw a relationship with Chelsea as the perfect way do that while also making Denise jealous.

Having introduced her to his family as his girlfriend just before his confrontation with Jack, it is clear that Ravi has now developed true feelings for Chelsea, as actor Aaron Thiara revealed.

‘[His feelings are] One hundred percent genuine. Ravi is now at a point where he thinks he can have it all.

‘He thinks he can have love, he thinks he can stay out of prison, he thinks he can get the information that he needs and move forward.

‘Ravi is feeling love that he has never felt before.’

Determined to maintain their relationship, despite his obvious betrayal, he pays Chelsea a visit in an attempt to make amends.

‘They’re both heartbroken at this point’, Aaron explained. ‘Ravi is trying to pick up all the must and energy to walk into Chelsea’s house.

‘He doesn’t know how to go about saying what has happened and he is willing to put everything on the line and himself to win her back.’

Despite his best efforts, Chelsea won’t be taken in by him, and orders him out of her life.

Will he ever be able to win her back, or has Chelsea finally seen his true colours?

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