Cici Coleman boyfriend: Is the First Dates waitress in a relationship?

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Cici Coleman is one of the only remaining original First Dates stars left in the Channel 4 reality series along with French maître d’hôtel Fred Sirieix. She has been giving daters tips and support as well as serving delicious food for nine years and has watched many first meetings turn into meaningful relationships. So what is there to know about Cici’s own love life?

During the first few seasons of First Dates, fans were hoping for Cici and co-star Sam Conrad to get together.

There was clearly chemistry between them as they were often seen flirting when they weren’t serving their guests.

Viewers will be disappointed to know that Cici and Sam never did become anything more than friends.

She did, however, embark on a romance during the coronavirus pandemic.

It is believed Cici may have met her mystery man via a dating app back in October 2020.

At the time, she was adamant on keeping her partner’s relationship under wraps.

Speaking to OK! last year, Cici explained: “Yes it is deliberate because, I think not everyone needs to know everything for a start.

“Me in a relationship – this is the first time I’ve had a lockdown relationship so I have no idea what this is going to be.

“So, rather than me doing what are usually do and being a gushy and like ‘here is my new boyfriend’ just going with it and trying to live a bit more in the present than, you know, looking at what our children are going to look like and what their names are.”

Is the First Dates star Cici Coleman in a relationship?

First Dates’ Cici Coleman revealed to that she is now single.

She and her partner were together for around a year before she and the ex-boyfriend parted ways.

While Cici is open to finding someone new, she is keen on not forcing any romances that aren’t meant to be.

She says she is no longer tunnel-visioned, putting energy into both her career and love life.

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“I’m doing all of it, the one thing I used to just do was just focus on one and not the other,” Cici told

“It would be either work, work, work or it’d be relationship, relationship, relationship.

“And actually, it probably works better if you do both.

“I am on all the apps, all the friggin’ apps and I also work hard and I just feel like when you are in a good place, and I know it’s the cliche thing, but you get better connections with people when you’re better.”

Cici continued: “I’m not just putting all of my energy into dating, I’m putting energy into me, my job and my friendships and the extension of that is I meet great people.

“I’ve had some wonderful dates recently, they may not have gone anywhere but they’ve all been great people.

“I kind of needed that reminder that there are some really lovely men out there.”

First Dates is available to watch on All4.

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