Coleen Nolan slaps down Janet Street-Porter over ‘slippery pig’ Boris Johnson comment

Loose Women: Coleen and Janet clash over Boris Johnson jibe

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The Loose Women panel debated Boris Johnson’s fight for survival after a handful of Conservative MPs, including Chancellor Rishi Sunak and Health Secretary Sajid Javid, have resigned within the past 24 hours. However, their discussion soon turned tense when Coleen branded Janet “harsh” for describing the nation’s leader in a highly insulting way. 

Janet began: “Well I think all of the opinion polls in the last few weeks now have shown the country at large and the people watching this at home have lost faith in the Prime Minister. 

“He’s lost his respect and that kind of fizzled away a few days ago but I think everyone has to remember Boris Johnson is known in Whitehall as the greasy piglet or slippery pig depending on [what] you want to call him.” 

Coleen interjected to tell Janet it was “a bit harsh” to brand the Prime Minister with those cruel nicknames. 

Janet then baffled the panel when she replied: “Slippery pig, that goes with you Coleen.” 

Coleen looked stunned and looked around at her co-hosts following Janet’s response and mouthed the word “what” to co-host Christine Lampard. 

Janet continued: “He’s so well known for getting out of things.” 

Coleen and panellist Brenda Edwards were looking at each other puzzled by Janet’s comment as it sounded as though she had insulted Coleen. 

Janet added: “I’m sorry I am only repeating what is in the papers which is that he is known as the slippery piglet.”

Coleen, who did not look impressed, said: “I know, but it’s just harsh.” 

“It’s harsh but that’s his nickname,” Janet insisted before they debated the Chancellor and Health Secretary’s resignation which has rumbled the Conservative Party. 

Later on, Janet realised she caused offence to Coleen by slipping up her words and she issued an apology. 

The 75-year-old said: “Something came out of my mouth which sounded like [she] was a greasy piglet and it was not intended.” 

Coleen assured Janet she was able to move on and joked she “sizzled away backstage” before Janet quipped she was worried her co-star would “streak off”.

“I’m sorry, it’s just been one of those days,” Janet admitted following her blunder and a series of pig-related puns. 

The panel continued to discuss how more Tory MPs resigned on Wednesday morning including Children’s Secretary Will Quince. 

Janet asked: “How long can Boris stay in the job and continue to run the country if all these scandals are dominating his life every day?”

Her remarks came shortly after Prime Minister’s Questions were held in the House of Commons. 

Despite everything, the Prime Minister defiantly answered questions and stressed to MPs he had no intention of stepping down. 

The Prime Minister has now appointed Nadhim Zahawi as his new Chancellor and Steve Barclay as Health Secretary in the Cabinet shake-up. 

Loose Women airs on weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV.

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