Coronation Street fans spot awkward error in Marias flat after eco-warrior storyline

Coronation Street fans are convinced they’ve spotted an awkward error in Maria Connor’s eco-warrior storyline, after she was seen turning on every light in her home, despite it making little difference to the brightness of the room.

In recent weeks, Maria, played by Samia Longchambon, has dedicated herself to cleaning up the streets of Weatherfield, after her son Joseph suffered a terrifying asthma attack as a result of traffic pollution.

Championing for a cleaner environment to raise her children, Maria ended up using it as her key platform when she ran for a spot on the local council – a position she successfully won.

In her new role, fans have seen Maria fight for a number of eco causes as she put green issues at the top of her political agenda, however a recent decision to bring in a new bin collection to help with recycling lead to her being targeted by online abusers.

At first a video was made mocking one of her speeches by turning it into a viral song, yet things took a sinister turn later on, as her face was also superimposed onto a naked woman’s body to produce a deep fake video of her. 

Despite her green campaigning efforts however, many fans at home have been quick to criticise the hairdresser for being a hypocrite after they spotted her frequently leaving all of the lights on in her home at once.

One disgruntled fan asked the Coronation Street Facebook group: "Anyone else noticed that Maria's flat is like Blackpool illuminations?”

They then went on to criticise further, explaining how they had been keeping count of the excessive number of lights she insisted on using.

They added: ”Broad daylight and she has every light on in that flat. I've counted at least seven lights on constantly and she goes on about saving the planet."

Another agreed: "Well spotted, they made a mistake there.”

A third fan also agreed, but admitted themselves that it had brought a smile to their face, as they wrote: ”Made me giggle. The other day when after giving a lecture on recycling, saving the planet, etc, she and Gary walked into their flat in broad daylight and first thing she did was turn two lights on which made absolutely no difference to the level of lightning in the flat lol.”

It wasn’t just the lighting either that many fans took issue with, as they encouraged soap writers to give Maria some small changes that could help to support her cause.

One fan wrote: ”If she was serious she'd be using a refillable coffee cup. Small touch, but shows some intent.”

Not everyone was quite so critical however, with many fans also pointing out that filming on set required lighting and that may be the cause for the excessive number of lights.

One said: "It’s TV Land, they need the lighting to film!”

While another quipped: "She don't pay it. Corrie do."


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