Coronation Street viewers work out new romance

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Over the past few weeks, viewers of the ITV soap have seen a whirlwind of different romances hit Weatherfield. From old flames making a return, proposals in the air and love triangles causing conflict. However, it looks as though there’s one romance that nobody expected.

Coronation Street fans have watched over the past month as Ken Barlow (Bill Roache) prepared for his community play with Mary Taylor (Patti Clare) and Brian Packham (Peter Gunn). 

Although Mary almost found herself being replaced due to her over-enthusiastic delivery.

Not wanting their friend to get hurt, Ken and Brian suggested that Nigel (Richard Ellis) brought in his acting friend to help coach her. 

Unbeknownst to them both, that particular acting friend just so happened to be Ken’s former fling from 13 years ago, Martha (Stephanie Beacham)

Since then, Ken has found himself at a similar crossroads having to pick between Martha and his current partner Wendy Crozier (Roberta Kerr).

On Monday’s episode, the cobbles longest-running cast member was confiding in his friend Brian over his decision.

Whilst he was reeling off certain aspects about love and romance, it looked as though Brian’s mind was elsewhere as he was staring at Mary.

 It wasn’t long before viewers watching also noticed how he was doting on his acting co-star.

Taking to Twitter, @lightbebe2020 commented: “Brian eyeing up mary looks like a new couple is about to happen”

WhoPotterVian commented: “I think Brian may just be a little bit in love with Mary”

Teenamassam added: “Brian’s in love with Mary”

ConversationStr asked: “Brian fancies Mary?! What do we think of this revelation?!

Mrscjbennett replied: “Perfect match”

While LouiseHazeldine said: “No way!!!! Brian and Mary??  #corrie.”

Elsewhere in the soap, viewers watched as Ken had the decision to make over which woman he wanted to be with.

After Martha asked him to leave the cobbles and join her back in Hull, it mirrored her same request all those years ago when she asked him to go with her to London in 2009.

In the end, Ken realised it was Wendy who he wanted to be with, although he came to the conclusion too late.

Wendy admitted that despite the fact she enjoyed spending time with him, there was a romantic spark missing.

Agreeing to still be friends, Wendy told Ken she’d be at their play the next day despite their break up.

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV and ITV Hub

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