Corrie star reveals huge fears of devastating loss for Faye

Faye Windass (Ellie Leach) was given a massive shock when she received a surprise text from Jackson, the father of her daughter, Miley.

Faye hadn’t heard from him or her daughter in several years, after making the decision that she didn’t want to be involved in Miley’s life. Jackson ended up moving to Canada and taking their child with him, leaving Faye to get on with her life in Weatherfield.

However, Jackson is now back in the UK, and is desperate for Miley to meet her mum.

While Faye is reluctant at first, she ultimately decides to go ahead with the meeting, but is a nervous wreck as she waits for them to arrive.

Actress Ellie Leach, who has played Faye for 12 years, has revealed Faye’s fears over meeting her daughter.

‘Faye’s biggest fear is that Miley won’t like her and will resent her for abandoning her and Jackson.’ She explained.

‘Faye is also worried about meeting Miley and realising that she loves her so much that she can’t let her go again. Faye is scared that she will build a bond with Miley and it will be taken away from her again.’

Last year, Faye was diagnosed with early menopause, meaning that she won’t be able to have anymore children.

This is something that feeds into her decision, as Ellie revealed.

‘When Faye first hears from Jackson, she is very adamant that she does not want to meet Miley. But then she thinks this may be the only chance that she is going to get to have a relationship with her child that she gave birth to.

‘Meeting Miley again is a really big deal to Faye and she doesn’t want to mess this opportunity up.

‘Faye has a real fear of realising that she still loves Miley and realising that she wants to be a mum to her again because she is scared that Miley will be taken away again.

‘So if it does go well, Faye will try to be a mum to Miley for as long as she is in Weatherfield but it would be playing on her mind that Miley might go back to Canada and she would be constantly thinking about when that may be.’

While Faye is clearly fearful over having Miley back in her life, Ellie was thrilled to hear that her teen pregnancy storyline would be revisited.

‘I was really excited [when I was told about the story]. I feel like it will be good for Faye to try and build a bond with her daughter after she has had so much heartbreak over the years.

‘Faye has had such a tough time and it would be great for Faye to have a relationship with Miley.’

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