Daniel and Daisy in Coronation Street are left homeless in new crisis

Coronation Street’s Daisy (Charlotte Jordan) and Daniel (Rob Mallard) have reached that point in their relationship where they’re ready to live together – though things get off to a shaky start.

To begin with, Daisy expresses doubts about moving in with Daniel and Bertie because their flat is so full of memories of Daniel’s late wife Sinead.

When she mentions this to Daniel he reacts angrily, but Daisy understands why when Adam (Sam Robertson) tells her it’s the anniversary of Sinead’s death.

Daniel later tells her that it’s been an emotional day for him, but he would still like it if the three of them could live together, and Daisy happily agrees.

She has another little wobble when Bertie calls her ‘Mummy,’ wondering whether she’s ready to step into that kind of role with the little boy, but Jenny (Sally Ann Matthews) convinces her it’ll be fine.

So everything is set for Daniel, Daisy and Bertie to live together as a happy family. Apart from one small detail – they have nowhere to live.

In a case of crossed wires, Daisy thinks she’s moving in with Daniel and he thinks he’s moving into the Rovers.

Unfortunately for them this means that Paul (Peter Ash) has given away the room in Daniel’s flat to Dee-Dee (Channique Sterling-Brown), and Glenda (Jodie Prenger) is very keen to move into Daisy’s room at the Rovers.

Who will come to the rescue of the homeless family?

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