David in Casualty learns key point about Ollie's involvement in school shooting

David Hide (Jason Durr) finally started to make peace with his son Ollie (Harry Collett)’s actions in the school shooting in tonight’s Casualty when he was given some new information about what happened on that terrible day.

The shift didn’t start well for David after he was confronted by new girlfriend Susan (Rachel Bavidge), who’d spotted David on the front of a magazine. His wife had gone through with selling their story to the press, so now Susan knew all about Ollie – the son that David previously told her didn’t exist. ‘A relationship based on a lie is a lie,’ Susan informed him, and walked out.

David had to get on and deal with patients, one of whom was Zoe Tranter (Amanda Horlock), the mother of the other school shooter. David talked to Zoe about their sons, telling her that in his opinion, ‘They’re not our boys. They’re monsters.’ Zoe thought it was David who was the monster for turning his back on Ollie.

Tristan (Adam Seridji), the boyfriend of Faith (Kirsty Mitchell)’s daughter Natalia, was in the department for more or less plot reasons, and he had information for David. He told him that Natalia had told him what happened at the school on the day of the shooting. She said that Ollie had the chance to shoot her, but didn’t take it. ‘He had the gun but then he just walked away,’ Tristan told David. ‘He was crying and he wanted it all to stop, but he didn’t know how.’

It’s not clear why Natalia couldn’t have told Faith this and Faith couldn’t have passed it on to David months ago, but it was good news all the same and its effect on David was immediate. He went to the Tranters and apologised for what he’d said before. ‘We can’t deny our sons’ memories, it’s all we have,’ he said.

Next he paid Susan a visit and said he shouldn’t have lied to her. Then he summarised his feelings about Ollie with the beautiful words, ‘I really loved him. I really love him.’

Finally he visited Ollie’s grave and placed a photo of the two of them on it, telling his boy to ‘Sleep well.’ Hopefully David can now start to rebuild his life and properly grieve for his son.

Elsewhere the staff were dealing with the fallout of the particularly toxic rivalry between the supporters of Holby City FC and Holby United. The atmosphere was chaotic and violent and it was almost inevitable that some kind of nasty incident would occur.

It came towards the end of the shift when a man sexually assaulted Stevie (Elinor Lawless) by grabbing her while she was trying to treat him. As she got on the phone to the police, he started a fight with another patient and ended up being slammed into the floor face first.

His hideously gory injuries were treated calmly and efficiently by Stevie, while everyone else looked on. She really can be magnificent sometimes and it’s no wonder that Marcus (Adam Sina) is smitten with her – to the extent where he’s pulling every string he can to get her to fulfil her ambition of being clinical lead.

The new series begins. pic.twitter.com/gHlGOqnM6I

Stevie isn’t quite so much into him, though, and she seems like the sort of person who’d rather make clinical lead on her own merits rather than because someone has put in a good word for her.

And Marcus wasn’t impressing the rest of the staff much this week, either. Even his gift of some deep-fried, sugary goodness didn’t impress. ‘Looks like the doughnuts ain’t cutting it, kid,’ Charlie (Derek Thompson) remarked.

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