EastEnders star Danny Walters explains why he avoids fans on social media

EastEnders fans are a very vocal bunch, especially when it comes to sharing theories and opinions online.

The recent flash forward murder storyline has had people utterly gripped, creating threads online explaining their theories over what may happen, while Cindy Beale’s (Michelle Collins) unexpected return from the dead saw fans descend into chaos.

While many actors admit to reading what fans have to say about their characters and the storylines they’re involved in, one person who doesn’t is Keanu Taylor actor Danny Walters, and he has a good reason not to.

‘I try my best not to let [fan reactions and theories] affect the way I’m playing the character or the character’s decisions,’ he revealed.

‘I think the way the character’s written and the way the character is and the way we’ve developed the character over the years, hopefully the audience know the character by now.

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‘He does make some foolish decisions. He’s very emotionally led, but he’s got a good heart and he’s got a good moral compass. And I think hopefully the audience and fans of the show can always see that in Keanu, that he’s a fool at times, but he’s a fool in love, and I think that’s what gets him into trouble quite a lot of the time.’

Being a fool in love is something that may be set to make things difficult for Keanu in upcoming episodes, as he falls back in love with estranged daughter Peggy.

With Lisa Fowler (Lucy Benjamin) back on the scene and demanding money in exchange for him being able to see Peggy, could Keanu be set to put her before fiancé Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean)?

‘That’s what’s really interesting, because prior to Lisa and Peggy coming onto the Square, we sort of build this really beautiful image of Sharon, Keanu and Albie being that beautiful little trio and that family that Sharon wants, and that Keanu wants, of course.

‘So we build that image of just that little family. And then, the fact that Peggy comes onto the Square starts to jeopardise that relationship that Keanu has with Sharon and his son, Albie.

‘He adores Albie, he loves Sharon, but also he loves his other daughter Peggy, and I think that’s what’s really interesting moving on from that.

‘How that does play into the character’s relationships moving forward?’

Sheanu are a particularly popular couple among fans, but will they be torn apart by Lisa’s meddling? We’ll have to watch and see…

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