Emmerdale Al Chapmans real killer solved – and fans say it wasnt Cain

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    Emmerdale fans were left stunned tonight as Al Chapman was killed off in a brutal shooting.

    Tuesday's (November 1) episode opened with Cain Dingle holding a steaming shotgun in his hands and Al's dead body in front of him, bleeding from a gunshot wound.

    Soon after, Kerry rushed in to find Al dead and called the police on Cain, who insisted "it's not what it looks like".

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    That didn't stop armed cops turning up at his home to chuck him in the back of a police van, with Kerry also yanked in for questioning.

    But some fans think they've rumbled the real killer's identity after spotting a huge clue left by Chas Dingle while talking to her husband Paddy. Looking shocked before the news of the shooting reached her, Chas later ran to find her brother being bundled into a police van, looking distraught.

    Taking to Twitter, one fan posited that Chas is Al's real killer after all – perhaps after an accidental shooting as she stumbled in on the pair.

    One eagle-eyed viewer said: "#Emmerdale Chas deffo already knows. She was there. She pulled that trigger! There’s no way it was Cain… but he’ll cover for his sister!"

    A second viewer thought Cain might do the complete opposite, however, writing: "Is Cain going to pin this on Chas? Cos he text from her phone to get Al to meet ‘her’ at the barn?"

    As someone else posted: "Both Liv and Al’s deaths were down to Chas. Yes, Al deserved his death. But still."

    Another fan presumed Al might simply have shot himself while grappling for the gun, writing: "Well I’m hoping the gun shot wound in Al will show he was holding [the] gun and he shot himself during the tussle and Cain will be home for Christmas, Kerry will leave with Chloe when she finds out about the affair!"

    Others insisted Cain is "completely innocent", as another echoed: "Kerry had trouble with her eyesight. Cain may have been holding the smoking gun… but he could have tripped whilst picking it up to disarm it and place it safely out of harm's reach!"

    Later, Cain lied to the police and told them he'd heard a gunshot on his property while outside, claiming the farm had been overcome by poachers recently.

    "Yes, I picked up the gun," he told cops. "But I was putting the safety catch on when Kerry arrived."

    He insisted that he'd simply walked in to find Al dead, and had nothing to do with it.

    Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7:30pm on ITV.

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