Emmerdale fans convinced they know who shot Al and claim Cain is innocent

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    Emmerdale fans are convinced Aaron Dingle may be behind Al Chapman's murder and are certain it wasn't Cain Dingle as originally thought.

    Earlier this week, things took a devastating turn in the village when Al was found dead in a barn with Cain holding a shutgun pointed in his direction.

    Trying to escape the situation, Cain was caught red-handed with the gun in his hand by Kerry Wyatt who happened to hear a loud noise.

    But although most fingers are pointing in Cain's direction, some viewers seem to think that Aaron may be responsible for the death of Al.

    Taking to Twitter, one person wrote: "This shooting has Aaron all over it.. Cain was just there."

    Another penned: "I've got a feeling Cain didn't do it and is protecting someone Aaron perhaps?? Hope Chas gets her comeuppance though."

    A third wrote: "Anyone else thinking Aaron killed Al? I originally thought Aaron and Cain would kill al together but now I'm thinking it was just Aaron, no way would Emmerdale send Cain down forever, whereas with Aaron leaving, him going to prison & reuniting with Robert would work."

    While a fourth viewer added: "What is Chas going to say when she finds out Aaron killed Al and not Cain cue flashback episode."

    Aaron recently left the village on bad terms following his sister Liv's death and after he discovered Chas' affair.

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