Emmerdale fans slam lame ending as Callum surrenders after Leyla kidnap plot

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    Emmerdale fans weren't happy after Callum gave himself up to the police after kidnapping Leyla.

    The violent drug dealer stabbed Jacob earlier this year and has been tormenting Leyla Harding and her loved ones for weeks.

    Wanting Callum arrested for his crimes, Leyla filmed him dealing drugs in a night club in an attempt to get him sent down.

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    Things didn't go to plan however and Leyla ended up being kidnapped by the criminal after he put Suzy in hospital.

    During Thursday's episode (March 16), Suzy and Jacob headed to the woods to find Leyla after deducing Callum had taken her there.

    Meanwhile, Leyla briefly managed to escape Callum's clutches before he tackled her to the ground and pulled a gun out.

    As he took Leyla back to the abandoned shed he was holding her in, the duo were shocked when they found Suzy and Jacob waiting for them.

    Callum became more erratic as the trio begged him to let them go – and it looked as though he was prepared to use the gun.

    But it was then that the police turned up, having received a call from Suzy prior to Callum and Leyla arriving.

    After much back and forth, a despairing Callum realised there was no way out for him and decided to give himself up.

    He slowly walked outside the shed and put the gun down before police handcuffed the sobbing dealer and finally arrested him for his crimes.

    But fans were less than pleased with this ending and took to social media to vent their frustrations.

    One viewer wrote: "Well that was a disappointment ending. What as the point of kidnapping her like that then it too end like that #Emmerdale."

    "What a weird ending to a bafflingly silly storyline," added a second.

    Another shared: "How lame was that? Would of liked it if someone got shot in the shed after a tussle for Callum's gun".

    While a fourth echoed: "Well that was a rubbish ending I was expecting Callum to shoot himself."

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