Emmerdale star says Kim is in for a 'stormy ride' during 50th anniversary

As Emmerdale prepares to celebrate its 50th anniversary in October, we’re getting impatient to find out what’s in store for our favourite characters as the drama promises to be intense.

We already know that one of the centrepieces of the special birthday episode on October 16 will be the wedding of Kim Tate (Claire King) and Will Taylor (Dean Andrews). It’s rare that an Emmerdale wedding goes smoothly, but it’s fair to say that the potential for fireworks in this one is particularly high.

As Kim prepares to tie the knot with Will, she overhears Harriet (Katherine Dow Blyton) telling Will that she loves him. This is bound to leave Kim seething – but how far could she go?

Producer Kate Brooks says, ’I think it’s completely safe to say that Kim’s dark side is never far away! Kim Tate is such an iconic character and she is capable of many dastardly things so, when she finds out that Harriet has been making a play for her man, there will be consequences. How Kim will deal with this still remains to be seen but it’s going to be a really complex love triangle that will have explosive consequences.’

We’re always trying to glean as many clues as we can about what’s to come, and word from the Dales is that, among all the other action happening during the massive storm that’s about to rock the village in 50th anniversary week, we can also expect to see Kim Tate on a horse. Is she riding to the rescue?

Chasing after someone (Harriet, perhaps)? Fleeing for her life?

Claire King was being as tight-lipped as the other cast members when it comes to giving away too much, but she summed her involvement in the 50th anniversary episode as, ‘Kim’s in for a bit of a stormy ride, I would say in a nutshell!’

We honestly can’t wait.

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