Emmerdale star says Vanessa’s ‘devastated’ when Suzy reveals history with drugs

Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick) thinks she’s struck gold with Suzy Merton (Martelle Edinborough) in Emmerdale, unaware of her history with drugs and connection to Holly Barton.

The truth is set to be revealed next week, when Vanessa wonders why Suzy has included a picture of Holly in the HOP/Take a Vow showcase presentation.

Of course, the person Suzy faces first and foremost is Moira (Natalie J Robb), who can’t understand why Suzy failed to mention she used to be mates with Holly.

Suzy manages to distract Moira, but she is then confronted by Vanessa’s questioning and eventually, she decides to be honest, revealing everything about her history with drugs and connection to Holly.

‘She is devastated’, Michelle Hardwick told us as she reflected on these upcoming scenes.

‘She thinks Suzy isn’t the person she thought and even says that every day they’ve been together has just been a lie. When Vanessa thinks about Johnny, she realises how scary that is, Suzy has been with her child when she’s potentially been high.

‘I think Suzy is really good at hiding things and at one point, Vanessa even says that she’s been taken for a mug because Suzy’s so good at lying. She had no idea.’

Michelle goes on to say that Suzy tries to explain herself, but after so many lies, Vanessa isn’t sure if she can trust her again.

‘She does try and get out of it to start, then she says “I don’t do that anymore” but Vanessa absolutely thinks it’s too late. There have been too many lies, Vanessa just sees this different person, the trust is definitely gone.’

Of course, we know secrets in soaps never stay hidden for long, Moira finding out about Suzy is practically inevitable.

For Vanessa, she knows as soon as Moira finds out, she’ll wonder if her friend of 10 years knew about Suzy and kept it from her.

‘She doesn’t want to lose the friendship she has with Moira’, Michelle adds.

‘Vanessa wants Moira to see that she’s done the right thing and that she absolutely didn’t know anything about Suzy.’

And then there’s Leyla (Roxy Shahidi).

Gosh, we’re only just about keeping up!

‘It’s just another bombshell!’, Michelle reveals when Vanessa discovers Suzy and Leyla’s drug-related past together.

‘You think there is nothing else and then Suzy explains things, and I think Vanessa says “sorry am I living in a parallel universe?”. This is a joke, surely? Is there anymore skeletons in the cupboard? It’s just the minefield all within the space of a month!’

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