Gillian Taylforth drops huge clues on 'enormous' EastEnders Christmas Day murder

EastEnders fans everywhere are completely obsessed with the show’s upcoming Christmas murder, which will see six of Walford’s most iconic women at the centre of a grisly crime.

Ever since the flash forward episode that had the nation’s jaws on the floor, we have been gathering clues in order to try and piece together what on earth might be happening come Christmas day.

We’ve spoken to numerous stars about their knowledge and theories on the subject, the latest being Gillian Taylforth, who’s character Kathy Beale is one of The Six, and therefore at the centre of the drama.

One thing that stood out to viewers during the flash forward sequence was the fact that Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) was wearing a blood soaked wedding dress.

That same dress reappeared several episodes later when Kathy purchased it for her wedding.

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However, new pictures show that it isn’t the dress Kathy ends up wearing, which has left us wondering how it ends up falling into Sharon’s hands.

‘I don’t know the reason why I give it to her. All will be revealed…’ Gillian Taylforth teased.

‘Because I haven’t shot that yet, so I don’t even know myself! I just know that she has one and I have another one. But how Sharon gets it, you’ll find out before me probably!’

While the mystery of the dress will surely play out in due course, Gillian admits that she was ‘definitely relieved’ to have not ended up in the doomed wedding dress.

‘I’m pleased about that. And my one is very pretty!’

Despite Kathy being stood over the body, Gillian revealed that she doesn’t actually know who the victim is, and has been sharing theories with the rest of The Six.

‘We’ve all sat around and pondered who [the body] could be. We’ve all sort of worked out that “No, it can’t be that one, and no, it can’t be this one because of… No, it can’t be…”

‘I even said at one stage, it got so fraught when we were thinking about it, I even said, “Well, maybe it was me?” Then I suddenly thought no, it can’t be me, I’m in the purple dress, silly daft moo! But it’s weird because we just don’t know.’

That hasn’t stopped them from trying to find out though, as Gillian revealed.

‘The funniest thing was, when we were at the Tric Awards, I spoke to Chris Clenshaw (Executive Producer) and Sharon Marshall (Writer) and I said, “I’m going to try and get you drunk, so that you might tell me who it is!” And they both looked and laughed and they said, “It will never come out of our lips!” and I thought, oh no! And I was sitting there going, “It could be this one. We think it could be that one…”’

She went on to reveal that The Six had been so consumed with guessing who may have been killed, that there was a very significant part of the story that they’d forgotten about.

‘Sharon said something we’ve never even thought of! She said, “It’s funny how you’re all wondering who it’s going to be, but none of you have thought, who’s actually killed the person?” and I thought, “Ooh! It could be me! This time next year I could be in prison!” Blimey, I hadn’t even thought about that!’

Following that conversation, Gillian has had some thoughts about how the murder might happen, and who could be behind it.

‘It could be something like the Orient Express where we’ve all killed him, or her, or whoever it is, and we all say it’s us. And then we all stick up for one another. We’ve got no idea whatsoever! No idea!’

But does Kathy have it in her to kill?

‘Yes,’ was Gillian’s definitive answer.

‘If it came to it and it was something to do with her family… Or someone had hurt her so much that she had had enough. I think urged on with people, we’re all in it together, let’s face it, and we all decide yes it could happen. And I think all the six of us could do that. All of us.’

The production team aren’t the only ones good at keeping secrets, as Gillian has admitted that she goes to great lengths to keep things hidden, not even telling her family.

‘Obviously, we have to be very cautious about things. We get our scripts through and mine goes straight in my bag. Nobody else sees it. We do talk amongst ourselves about it because obviously we’ve all got the scripts! So, we all look together. But that’s the way of the soap world, isn’t it? You don’t go out and say anything to anybody.

‘It’s not one of those things you go home and talk about. Some of my friends do go “what happens then?” and I just say “Can’t tell you. Can’t tell you or I’ll have to kill you.” That’s the easier way to get out of it.’

It’s these secrets that keep the show exciting, Gillian revealed, as no one will expect what is coming up.

‘That’s why I think this Christmas episode coming up is going to be enormous. Everyone’s going to be riveted, I think. They will be, because we don’t even know what’s happening!

‘And then we film in September/October, so we’ll know, but you won’t say anything because that’s what it’s all about. Those powerful scenes that come out just when they’re needed to, like at Christmas. It’s going to be great for people! It’s going to be lovely.’

The actress, who appeared in the very first episode of the soap, graciously revealed how thrilled she was to learn that she would play such an integral part to the story.

‘We loved it! The six of us loved the storyline,’ Gillian revealed. ‘We were called up to Chris Clenshaw’s office and he told us all, and we all just sat there gobsmacked, like, what a fabulous idea! This is great!

‘And we said, “Do you know who it is?” and he went “Well I know who it is, but you won’t be finding out!” And we thought it was fabulous! And how lucky for us to be the six actors that are involved in it.

‘Honestly, I have to say, I was really chuffed that I was chosen as one of The Six, I really was. Because a couple of them that heard about what was going on were going, “Oh I’d love that!” So, I was really chuffed that I was actually one of them.’

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