Harlem Recap: The Girls Are Messy as Ever — Grade the Season 2 Premiere

With a new season comes new mess for the best friends at the center of the Prime Video comedy Harlem. (The first two Season 2 episodes premiered on Friday; two new episodes will stream weekly.)

Picking up right where we left off, Ian and Camille were interrupted mid-kiss by his fiancée Mira, who at first pretended not to see what they were doing. But she couldn’t keep the façade up for long and called them both out for betraying her a second time — they also kissed at the Titanic party in the early part of Season 1 — before storming off.

Camille, unable to handle the tense situation, also walked out and right into Quinn, who was in a much better mood. After finding the courage to ask Isabella on a date, the up-and-coming fashion designer learned that Vogue was going to interview her.

All the girls gathered for drinks and to gossip over Camille’s current mess. She hadn’t heard back from Ian since Mira called off the wedding, and she quit her job over the phone while drunk and partying with Quinn. Although the college instructor didn’t regret kissing Ian, she didn’t want to start things back up with him in the middle of all this drama. Oh, and she needed to break up with Jameson and hit up Dr. Pruitt (guest star Whoopi Goldberg) to beg for her job back.

At the nail salon, Quinn expressed worry over her upcoming date. She was new to being queer and didn’t know what she was doing. “What if I don’t know what to do sexually with Isabella?” she asked her friends. Tye’s advice to do what she normally does with herself wouldn’t work since that involved watching Shemar Moore on Criminal Minds. While Camille went to patch things up with Dr. Pruitt, Tye volunteered to help Quinn buy sex toys.

Dr. Pruitt sternly lectured Camille for her career-threatening behavior, but she didn’t outright say no to allowing her to keep her job. A win is a win.

Elsewhere, Angie found herself hooking up with her hunky nail tech Kendrick. An unhoused friend predicted that she would find herself with the most handsome man in New York who would turn her luck around, and the good-looking stranger seemed to fit the bill. (As you’ll recall, Angie’s big break was a bust after Get Out: The Musical shut down due to a cease-and-desist letter from Jordan Peele.) Angie then met Kendrick’s equally attractive roommate Jaquan and, naturally, pretended to have an identical twin sister to get the man’s number.

Remember when Tye wound up in the hospital because of her fibroids? Her estranged husband Brandon’s harsh words about her being lonely with only a handful of friends hit hard, and she stopped into a pet store pondering whether to adopt a puppy.

Ian’s family was not happy with Camille, who dropped by to apologize for her role in ruining the wedding. As she was leaving, she ran into Mira, who again told her off and urged her to own up to her actions. That inspired Camille to return to Dr. Pruitt’s to explain why she felt the need to quit in the first place, and to re-quit after she fulfilled her contractual obligations.

Jaquan somehow believed that Angie had a twin sister until the singer/actress came clean. She was close to doing some self-introspection on her scheming ways, but was immediately distracted by Jaquan’s abs — among other things.

Tye didn’t end up adopting a puppy, since that was too big of a responsibility for her. Instead, she opted for being a plant mom. What couldn’t possibly go wrong for the woman who has never cared for anything but herself?  Seconds after she named her new plant Megan Thee Cactus, the tech entrepreneur accidentally dropped it into the garbage disposal.

“What the f—k is wrong with me?” she asked herself. Girl, we’re asking the same thing, too.

What did you think of Harlem’s Season 2 premiere? Grade the episode below, and then sound off in the comments.

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