Hollyoaks reveals wedding drama for Verity and Shaq after explosion terror

Hollyoaks couple Verity Hutchinson (Eva O’Hara) and Shaq Qureshi (Omar Malik) have been through a terrifying experience; so it’s understandable that they are climbing the walls a bit after almost dying in this week’s explosion.

The pair were caught up in the blast after challenging one another to a race up a climbing wall.

Trapped with flames raging below them, they made the decision to climb higher but it seemed like the end for Shaq when he chose to cut his own harness in order to save Verity.

Fortunately, he lived to fight for her love another day; although his climbing days are probably over.

You wouldn’t catch us anywhere near one of those walls after that. Though to be fair, we’d never be near Hollyoaks in autumn, period.

As the dust settles, Shaq and Verity are recuperating and reflecting on their terrifying experience tonight.

In brand new pictures, we see the much loved couple embrace and shared a kiss together.

And, after such a life changing experience, Shaq decides that life is short and plucks up the courage to ask Verity to marry him.

In a romantic moment, he pops the question, hoping that wedding bells may ring.


Will Verity make his day and say yes? Or will she take note of previous village weddings and decide she doesn’t want to be in another explosion quite yet?

It remains to be seen whether the couple commit to an engagement, but it’s fair to say that the whole ordeal has brought them closer.

It was a terrifying week of episodes, with Silas Blissett’s (Jeff Rawle) reign of terror finally brought to an electrifying close.

Mercedes McQueen (Jennifer Metcalfe) was left in shock when she saw son Bobby push his murder loving grandfather to his death.

Though not as much as in shock as he was as he was toasted on his own buzzing chess board.

DI Lexi Calder (Natalie Anderson) was another casualty, as evil Silas claimed her as his final victim.

All in all, a much luckier escape for Verity and Shaq.

Hollyoaks airs the proposal scenes on Thursday October 29 at 7pm on E4. The episode can also be viewed on All4.

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