Is Calvin really dead in Virgin River?

Virgin River: Netflix releases trailer for fourth season

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Virgin River season four is on Netflix and fans are already binging their way through the episodes. Brady (played by Ben Hollingsworth) started off in prison after being framed for shooting Jack (Martin Henderson). However, Calvin (David Cubitt) still had a hold over him until the police were hot on his tail.

Is Calvin really dead in Virgin River?

Calvin started preying on Brie Sheridan (Zibby Allen) in season four as a way of getting to Brady.

He said nothing would happen to her, as long as Brady kept working for him.

Brie made it her mission to catch Calvin and end his drug business for good.

Working alongside Mike (Marco Grazzini), she used her contacts to track him down.

He had been hiding out on a boat on a secluded lake, and Brie and Mike spotted him.

Just as they were about to act, Calvin caught a glimpse of a torch.

Knowing he was being watched, he disappeared down the other side of the boat, and it exploded.

Brie and Mike were knocked off their feet as the boat was blown to pieces, with Calvin seemingly still on board.

However, later in the season, Brie is heard questioning why they never found his body.

Could this mean Calvin managed to get off the boat just before it exploded?

Fans were also introduced to a new antagonist, Melissa Montgomery, who seemed to be in charge of Emerald Lumber.

She was connected to Calvin and was trying to manipulate Brady to carry on working for them.

There is a chance Calvin is still alive and is working as Melissa’s accomplice, keeping a low profile.

Melissa turned out to be the sister of Nick (Keith MacKechnie), so no one suspects she is evil.

Melissa could do all the groundwork until the last minute when Calvin makes a surprise return to get back at Brady.

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She was heard telling Brady that Calvin is “no longer with us”, but Brady was not present when the boat exploded.

She may be telling the truth, or she could be convincing Brady to let his guard down.

David Cubitt plays Calvin in the series and he does not appear to have any other projects in the pipeline.

If his character managed to escape the explosion, there is a chance he could return further down the line.

However, as it stands, based on what happened in season four, fans can presume he is gone for good.

Elsewhere in the season finale, Jack discovered he was the father of Mel Monroe’s (Alexandra Breckenridge) baby.

After Jack proposed to Mel and she agreed to marry him, they found out they were having a girl.

However, in a twist of events, Jack found out Charmaine (Lauren Hammersley) had been lying to him.

He was not the father of the twins after all, leaving viewers to wonder who Charmaine had slept with.

Virgin River season 4 is on Netflix now.

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