Jenna Coleman The Sandman: What happened to Johanna Constantine?

The Sandman: Trailer for new Netflix series

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The Sandman is on Netflix now and it has proven to be extremely popular due to its A-list cast. Doctor Who star Jenna Coleman is a guest actress in episode three, titled Dream a Little Dream of Me. has all you need to know about what happened to Johanna.

What happened to Johanna Constantine in The Sandman?

In the original comic books by Neil Gaiman, John Constantine is an occult detective and con-man based in London.

He is known for his cynicism and wit, traits that were passed on to the female counterpart in the series, Johanna.

In the series, Dream (Tom Sturridge) is on the hunt for his bag of sand, which passed through the hands of the Constantine family.

He is able to track down Johanna, who said her ex-girlfriend had kept the bag of sand.

Sadly it was killing her as its power was never intended for her use.

Once Dream acquired the sand, he helped Johanna’s girlfriend die in peace before the pair parted ways.

Neil Gaiman has teased there could be a spin-off series focused on Johanna.

He told Variety: “Anybody who has seen The Sandman episode three has sidled over to us at some point or other in the last six months and said, ‘Do you think there’s any possibility that we could do a Johanna Constantine show with Jenna Coleman?’

“And, oh my God, she’s a star and you just want to see her going through battling demons and destroying other people’s lives.

“So that’s in there, too. We can keep going on this for a long time to come.”

He also hoped to explore Johanna in the present day, which is when Dream discovered her.

Jenna Coleman plays two different versions of the character in the series, starring as an eighteenth-century ancestor.

As for what happens to John in the original comics, he is a descendant of Lady Johanna Constantine.

After the sandbag storyline, he was not seen again until Sandman Presents: Love Street, where a young John is seen in the house of Morpheus when Dream was still being held captive.

Actress Coleman opened up about how she has always been a fan of Neil Gaiman’s work.

On where her character could go next, she told Netflix Tudum: “We’ve only touched upon Lady Johanna Constantine [in Season 1], so I think there’s definitely a lot more to explore there.

“But in terms of as a character of the contemporary Constantine, yeah, I’d absolutely love to see that particular version return.”

With this in mind, there is a chance she could return as both the present-day Johanna and her ancestor.

Lady Johanna Constantine in the comics was an 18th-century aristocrat and adventurer.

After having her prestigious title taken away from her, she was forced to live in poverty.

This was until she was successful in retrieving Pandora’s Box for King George III.

As she successfully completed the task, she had her powers reinstated.

In 1789, she crossed paths with Dream, believing he was the Devil, and this storyline is portrayed in the Netflix series.

The Sandman is streaming on Netflix now.

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