Love Island viewers fume Mitch is done as he fails to console Ella B in tears

Love Island viewers couldn't believe Mitchel Taylor's reaction as he witnessed Ella Barnes' bursting into tears during tonight's episode, Thursday 27 July.

The moment left viewers cringing as Mitch became "messy Mitch" once more, after the couple's gorgeous and romantic final date.

The timing was awful for the pair as only the night before, Mitch admitted to the rest of the boys that he was worried Ella could be "fake" and he didn't know whether to trust her.

In true Love Island style, Mitch didn't get chance to talk things through with Ella before they were whisked away on their early morning sunrise date in the Spanish countryside.

As the duo shared their feelings for each other, and Ella explained that Mitch had the seal of approval from her mum, the plumber decided to ask the bombshell if they could make their relationship "exclusive".

Yet just as the pair danced and kissed to an incredible cello performance, Molly Marsh told Whitney Adebayo what Mitch had told the boys, prompting Whitney to pull Ella for a chat upon her return from her date.

Horrified by the comments, Ella stormed over to Mitch and told him that she was really "pissed off" and "upset" to hear his true thoughts.

But while Mitch told Ella he was "sorry" and he "was just scared," Ella couldn't stop crying because she genuinely "does like him".

Instead of pulling Ella for a hug, or trying to console her however, he simply sat there awkward and watched her cry.

"I actually feel sorry for Ella B, run for the hills girls… he’s vile #LoveIsland," one person tweeted angrily.

Another posted: "Oh Mitch honey you’re done #LoveIsland."

"Mitch your babes is crying and your just sitting there like bread #LoveIsland," a third commented.

While a fourth fan wrote: "Mitch can’t even console a crying woman #LoveIsland"

Viewers continued to share their confusion at Mitch's response, but others claimed they couldn't see "a single tear" from Ella as she cried.

Reflecting on what happened as the girls got ready for the evening, Ella herself admitted she wasn't impressed with Mitch's reaction to her bursting into tears.

"I sat there crying my eyes out and he didn't even hug me," the dancer shared in the makeup room.

"Not going to lie if you care about me that much you wouldn't want to see me upset," the frustrated islander added.

Love Island continues every night at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX

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