Love Island’s Molly Marsh distracts fans after wearing world’s teeniest bikini

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    Love Island fans were baffled on Monday’s episode (June 19) after singleton Molly Marsh appeared to wear a bikini that was several sizes too small.

    The blonde babe left viewers with their jaws on the floor as she prepared for the latest challenge, which the saw the couples take part in a savage question and answer session to see how well they know each other.

    But Molly grabbed fans attention when her large bosom was clearly bursting out of her tiny bikini top.

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    “Why is Molly now wearing her bikini top correctly? Baby cakes we know your (melons) aren’t that big…,” blasted one fan.

    Another dubbed her an “attention seeker,” saying: “Why can’t molly put on her top correctly attention seeker through & through.”

    “Ermmm, yeah, Molly, ya t**s are popping out o' ya bikini, love!,” penned a third, while a fourth echoed: “Is Molly’s bikini the right size?”

    Leah was also implicated in the crime of wearing a bikini that was too small.

    “Molly & Leah please wear bigger bikini tops,” a fan advised.

    Other gushed over her risqué look.

    “It’s Molly’s island and everybody else is just strutting,” said one fan.

    “Molly is givviinnngggg in that bikini,” said another, followed by heart emojis,

    Elsewhere, Ella and Tyrique became the first couple to enter Love Island's hideaway for a little more privacy on Monday.

    The couple made the most of the swanky boudoir and enjoyed a saucy time with handcuffs and a riding crop.

    Ella looked sensational in lingerie as she placed the metal cuffs around Tyrique's wrists before the couple later went under the duvet.

    Fans meanwhile were left cringing by the sexy display with one writing: 'I hate the hideaway segments, nobody wants to see that!'.

    Another wrote: “Not the handcuffs!”

    A third commented: “Wait no, they are showing a lil too much”.

    While someone else said: “Please remove the cameras from the hide way… theres nothing in there I want to see it's cringe and the whole point it should be having an intimate moment”.

    Whitney and Mehdi also had fans talking as they finally shared their first kiss on the terrace.

    “Don’t know what to say about the Whitney and Mehdi kiss I mean I’m glad for her or whatever.”

    “The Mehdi and Whitney kiss The anticipation was killing me,” said another.

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