‘Must be nice for her’ William and Kate praised over gesture to Queen in Windsor move

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge announced they would be moving to Windsor after putting their three children’s future first. Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis will all be pupils at Lambrook School near Bracknell, with Prince William set on taking up the daily job of a school run. Whilst discussing their decision during the latest GB News instalment, host Eamonn Holmes praised the family, adding it would be “nice” for the Queen to have them closer to her.

Beginning the segment, Eamonn said: “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are relocating their family to Windsor.

“William and Kate will set up home in Adelaide cottage in Windsor’s home park and their children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis will all start at the same school, Lambrook, come September.

“The Cambridges are leaving their current residence of Kensington Palace in London to give their children a more normal life.”

Their guest, Pandora Forsyth, gave her take on their decision to move and explained: “They are moving away from Kensington Palace but we have to bear in mind that this is one of four homes that they have.

“They have gone for it with their kids first in mind.”

Co-host Ellie Costello asked: “They described living in Kensington Palace as a fish bowl and they have gone to Windsor now, what is the motivation about the school as well?”

Pandora continued: “The school allows children to have freedom, they say total freedom to explore, it will allow them to be a bit more hands-on.

“It won’t house the nanny and other in-house staff so again their parenting will be at the forefront.

“It is a normal house but it is on the Windsor estate and just around the corner from the Queen and of course the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as well, their cottage too.”

When touching on the security surrounding their new home after it was revealed William was keen to do the drop-offs, Pandora ensured there would be tight security for the family.

“There will be security whenever they do the drop-offs, and Windsor is absolutely full of security anyway because of the Queen.”

Eamonn interrupted: “I think it will be quite a good arrangement, I mean the Queen is now doing less and less in public life.

“The kids finish school, they can pop round and see great granny for them, it must be nice for her and for them.”

William and Kate have their kid’s best interest when it comes to their move to Windsor, and will encourage the children to have a “normal” life after having eyes on them when in Kensington palace.

Liking the fact they wanted George, Charlotte and Louis to have a normal life, Eamonn added: “Which when you think about it was Diana’s wish for her boys William and Harry as we reach the 25-year anniversary.”

A palace source told the Sun: “The decision to move to Windsor was always about putting the children first. Both William and Catherine are very keen to do the school run.”

William and Kate have always been praised for their hands-on approach when it comes to their children, with a source telling Daily Mail: “Family time remains an absolute priority.

“William’s experience as a young boy, being shuttled between two parents, has left him determined to lay down solid foundations for his own brood.

“One, if not both of them, do the school drop-off or pick-up pretty much every day, and they always sit down to eat together as a family.

“He is a very doting and hands-on dad. The fact is, he knows what’s coming and wants them to have as normal a childhood as possible while they can.”

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