Oh Im embarrassed now Veras Brenda Blethyn mortified at co-star name slip

Kate and Koji: Blake Harrison discusses his role on Lorraine

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Vera’s Brenda Blethyn blames her “head full of cotton wool” for forgetting her Kate and Koji co-star’s name during an interview. The actor was embarrassed and chastised herself for the mistake.

Speaking on the release of her sitcom, Kate and Koji, Brenda Blethyn had researchers rushing to find the missing name from the ITV programme’s roster.

While listing off fellow castmates, one name slipped her mind. Who was it that didn’t quite make the impression they may have hoped to have on Vera’s leading lady?

Blake Harrsion, who plays Medium Dan in the restaurant-set sitcom, was left off the list to the embarrassment of the ITV hall-of-famer.

She said: “Oh em, what’s he… Harrison, um, oh I can never say his first name and he’s brilliant. Oh I’m embarrassed now because he’s so brilliant!”

The sitcom that was first released in 2020, is in its second season and centres around a working-class woman who owns a cafe in a fading seaside town.

When doing promotion for the series before it aired, Brenda sat down with The Graham Norton Podcast to share the details of her new venture.

It was here in the presence of the TV presenter, the name blooper occurred.

Supportive and encouraging, he eased the actor out of her embarrassment by joking: “It’s January 4 so we’re allowed, we’re allowed two weeks of this.”

Brenda replied: “I’ve a head full of cotton wool!”

The pair moved on to discuss the filming of the British series and Brenda shared some inside exclusives.

She told the talk show host: “We do the outside bits first and then film the rest in front of a studio audience up at Elstree.”

Brenda also invited listeners to come and watch the show being filmed for free: “If any of the listeners want to come for free and sit in the audience to watch, go to the website.”

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Delving into the finer details, Brenda spent a portion of the interview reminiscing on times spent with writers, Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin.

Working with Andy years and years ago on Who Dares Wins, she shares more about her recent ventures with Guy.

“I worked with [him] more recently on a film we made in the Borneo jungle called ‘Sleeping Dictionary’.

“It was a beautiful film, really lovely with old Bob Hoskins.”

For those that know Brenda as DCI Vera Stanhope, Kate and Koji is a chance for the actor to flex different muscles and show audiences what else she can do.

She told Graham of her character: “Kate is a lady with a seaside cafe in a fading seaside town. I’m so looking forward to it.”

As the plot unfolds, viewers watch Kate develop a strong, eclectic, friendship with an asylum-seeking African doctor.

Season two of Kate and Koji is available to catch up on the ITV Hub.

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