Ozark season 4: Real reason Ruth killed Javi exposed as showrunner speaks out on pace

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Netflix’s hit crime series Ozark recently came to a jaw-dropping end in April with the release of its fourth and final season. The instalment saw Ruth Langmore (played by Julia Garner) finally seek revenge for the death of her beloved cousin in episode eight and the showrunner revealed why it took place early in the season.

Throughout the first part of season four, Ruth was on a warpath to find Javi Elizonndro (Alfonso Herrara) after she learned he was responsible for her cousin’s death.

Wyatt Langmore (Charlie Tahan) and his wife Darlene Snell (Lisa Emery) were killed just a few hours after their wedding, only to be found by Ruth.

The season three finale closed with Ruth in a fit of rage and then driving with a rifle ready to kill whoever was responsible.

However, she only learned just learned about Javi and with no idea of what he looked like she drive to Chicago knowing he had business with Wendy Bryde (Laura Linney) and her husband Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman)

After locating the couple Ruth stalked them with hopes they would soon meet up.

However, as time went on and with only a photo of Javi, she began to second guess her decision.

She was then spotted and confronted by Marty who told her to go home, which she almost did until Ruth saw him and Wendy having dinner meeting with business people, which was the life she had planned for herself and Wyatt.

Ruth was enraged all over again and crashed the meal, demanding the Byrdes and their business partner Clare Shaw (Katrina Lenk) go to the office, away from the public.

In order to solve the issue, Wendy called Javi to the offices under false pretences and when he arrived Ruth shot him dead without a second thought.

As season four had 14 episodes and Javi’s death happened in episode eight, the showrunner Chris Mundy was quizzed on the pace of the revenge.

He told Gold Derby: “We tried in general in our storytelling to not drag things out.

“It’s been more important to us to have something happen and then go after the emotional fallout of it.”

Mundy explained: “In general it’s just in keeping with the DNA of the show.

“We knew the way the story was going to go, it was one of those things where Ruth had a choice, we wanted her to be very choiceful.

“If she didn’t do it, it would’ve been about not making the choice, waiting on the choice or thinking about the choice.”

He continued: “We tend to usually plant a stake in the ground, then go in that direction and hopefully it ends up being surprising a little bit.

“We wanted it to be like of course she’s going to kill Javi and then you’re surprised that she killed Javi.”

“She killed Javi and bad things happened but you’re still sad and surprised that bad things happened, so it was trying to stay true to the show,” he concluded.

As season four approached the finale, bad things did in fact happen to Ruth.

When Clare began to fear for the future of her business she told Javi’s mother Camila (Veronica Falcon) Ruth was responsible for her son’s death.

As the newly appointed Cartel leader, she found Ruth during the finale and killed her.

Ozark is available on Netflix.

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