Rylan Clarks mum thought hed been murdered during podcast

The One Show: Alex Jones asks Rylan Clark about his health

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Rylan Clark’s mum revealed she searched for the BBC presenter high and low before learning he was speaking on a podcast hosted by comedians Ed Gamble and James Acaster. The star called his panicked mother while appearing on the show and her relief was palpable when Rylan confirmed he was alive and well.

Linda, the unlikely star of Gogglebox, spent a day in panic when she could not contact the It Takes Two presenter.

During an appearance on popular food podcast Off Menu, Rylan discussed the eccentric mannerisms of his mum before he decided to call her, without admitting they were recording a show.

She immediately answered the phone, declaring: “Where have you been? I thought you’d been murdered.

“I went in your house, I couldn’t see you, your bedroom looked as if it had been ransacked.”

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Linda continued: “I see all the letters there, I thought someone had done you in.

“I went to the swimming pool, I have been in the office too. I am phoning and thinking `Where is he?’

“Oh god – I looked in every cupboard, because in case someone has cut you up or something.

“I went in the gym too, [thinking] perhaps you’ve worked out and something had fallen on you or something.”

Mock The Week’s Ed and James were in hysterics at the reaction of his worried mother and the nonplussed It Takes Two presenter sought to reassure her.

After she learned he was on the podcast as a guest and alive, Rylan laughed: “Do I have to tell you when I go to work?!”

The former X Factor star decided not to let his mum know she was on air and ended the call before opening up on their relationship.

He revealed: “Everyone thinks she’s hilarious but once she called me at 10.50am, at 10.30am and text me saying ‘Where are you I’m in your house’.

“The worst thing I’ve ever done is give a fob for my gate, genuinely because now I have had to put location on my phone to see where she is.”

Rylan and Linda share a strong relationship and viewers have been given a sneak peek into how they get along on Channel 4.

The mother and son duo starred in Celebrity Gogglebox in July this year, giving their unique takes on the latest TV offerings.

Due to the pair joking around with each other and making digs at one another’s expense, some viewers criticised Rylan’s actions towards his mother.

However, the TV presenter defended their mannerisms and sent a bullish response to critical viewers online.

Rylan tweeted: “For anyone saying I’m horrible to mum please get a sense of humour, she got her sushi.

“Also built her a house, whatever she asks for, and a new hedge trimmer this week… She’s good.

“Look after your mums, and also have a laugh with them x until next year x.”

It Takes Two airs weeknights at 6.30pm on BBC Two and BBC iPlayer

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