So, Here's Everything We Know About What's Happening With the Golden Globes

If you’ve been wondering WTF is going with the Golden Globes, you’re not at all alone. This year’s Golden Globes Awards were held on Twitter in a ceremony that was described as “brazen chaos,” “deeply unhinged,” and “an embarrassing mess,” and with feedback like that, it’s no surprise that the people behind the show would very much like to get it back on TV in 2023. Will the Golden Globes be back on NBC next year though? Here’s everything we know what’s happening with the show’s future.

So, why did NBC decide not to air the Golden Globes this year?

ICYMI/understandably don’t commit every single piece of entertainment industry news to memory, let’s start with a quick recap of reason the Golden Globes happened on Twitter this year to begin with. Basically, it comes down to the organization behind the show, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), which has been on the receiving end of some very deserved criticism recently in the wake of a series of Los Angeles Times articles that brought attention to things like the fact that none of the group’s 87 members are Black and issues of unethical conduct and shady financials.

The revelations in the Los Angeles Times articles were so troubling that a lot of Hollywood power players vowed to boycott the entire HFPA and Tom Cruise actually returned his past Golden Globes in protest. NBC did its part by opting not to air the show this year.

In response to the backlash, the HFPA announced sweeping plans for reform that included provisions to increase diversity, representation and inclusion in the organization.

Will NBC air the Golden Globes in 2023?

According to a new report from The Hollywood Reporter, “multiple high-level sources” familiar with the sitch say NBC does plan to air the 2023 Golden Globes.

When will the 2023 Golden Globes air?

According to the THR report, NBC is “zeroing in on an airdate of Tuesday, Jan. 10” for the 2023 show, and it sounds like that date is the frontrunner by process of elimination.

As THR explains: “The Globes have historically taken place on a Sunday in January, but the first Sunday in January 2023 is New Year’s Day; the second is Jan. 8, which is the last day of the NFL’s regular season, which poses a conflict with NBC Sunday Night Football; and the third is Jan. 15, on which the Critics Choice Awards have already staked their claim — hence the change to a Tuesday.”

We’ll update this post as more information about the 2023 Golden Globes becomes available.

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