Spoilers: Nicola’s panic attack terrifies Carl in Emmerdale

Nicola King (Nicola Wheeler) is still struggling to be on her own following the attack in Emmerdale.

A few weeks ago, Nicola was approached by a group of girls in a multi-storey car park, who soon decided to make fun of her.

The girls then pushed Nicola to the floor and attacked her, leaving her bloodied and bruised and very, very alone.

In the aftermath, Nicola has put on a brave face in front of her children and Jimmy (Nick Miles), but every time she’s on her own, the mask falls.

As David (Matthew Wolfenden) desperately searched for Nicola to claim on the insurance after the car crash, she was looking for someone to stay at home with her – and chose Carl.

The young boy had been poorly recently but was feeling a lot better and wanted to go back to school.

Nicola decided to exaggerate Carl’s illness, but when he stood up to his mum, she panicked and shouted at him.

Carl was concerned and asked Nicola if he should ring Jimmy, but she couldn’t bare the thought of her partner seeing her so weak, and scared Carl by throwing a vase across the room.

With Nicola experiencing a panic attack, will anyone arrive to help?

Can she be honest with Jimmy about how she’s not coping?

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