The Rookie fans threaten to boycott drama after Bradford’s death tease

The Rookie: Nathan Fillion stars in season five trailer

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Although The Rookie is currently on hiatus, the hit series has given fans insight into the upcoming Double Trouble episode. Following the release of a promo clip, fans threatened to stop watching the drama after it hinted at Tim Bradford (played by Eric Winter) meeting his demise. 

After The Rookie aired its 17th episode of season five, the procedural went on a three-week hiatus, which left fans eager for its return. 

The episode featured a major twist which saw villains Elijah Stone (Brandon Jay McLaren) and Abril Rhodas (Gigi Zumbado) become allies. 

Although the episode ended with Elijah in prison, viewers could be in for another gripping episode when the show returns. 

The promo clip for the upcoming season five instalment saw the team participate in a documentary which was being filmed at the station.

While the continued work as usual, Lucy Chen (Melissa O’Neil) could be heard saying: “Tim just disappeared.”

Elsewhere, officer Aaron Thorsen (Tru Valentino) patrolled the city and radioed: “Seven Lincoln Seven, I just found a body.”

As he peered into the dumpster, Aaron confirmed: “It’s sergeant Tim Bradford.”

The Rookie fans fumed at the promo clip and took to the comments threatening to boycott the drama if Bradford died. 

An angered @Madison.cardillo instated: “If Tim is gone, I am gone.”

@Destinee_the_best agreed: “If he dies I’m not watching the show, I’m sorry.”

A third viewer @Just_jessica.17 commented: “I have the huge sick to my stomach if Tim dies or just the thought of him dying!”

While a fuming @Eriinobrien threatened: “I swear your show will be cancelled if he dies.”

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Despite the major hint in the promo other fans weren’t convinced Bradford would die and suggested the show wouldn’t ruin such a major scene. 

In the Instagram comments, @Dankingston86 responded: “No way it’s Tim, they wouldn’t tell us. I’m not ready for another death.” added: “No way he’s dead Lucy would be way more upset and they wouldn’t make a documentary.”

During the promo, the officers were also speaking to the cameras as they reflected on the jaw-dropping turn of events. 

Officer John Nolan (Nathan Fillion) stated: “The job is super stressful.”

The cameras then cut to a seemingly pre-recorded clip of Bradford saying: “As police officers, our futures are never certain.”

“Which makes what happened next so tragic,” Sergeant Wade Grey (Richard T Jones) continued. 

As Nolan added: “In the most terrifying way.”

The Rookie season 5 returns on Tuesday, March 21 on ABC in the USA and the following Friday on Sky Witness in the UK.

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