They Were Ten star details change to ‘toughest’ scene

Why Didn't They Ask Evans?: Trailer for Agatha Christie series

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10 strangers are lured to a remote island and taken out one by one in Walter Presents’ brand new Agatha Christie inspired-drama, They Were Ten, now available on Channel 4. Cast member Isabelle Candelier recently spoke exclusively to about her experience shooting the series and teased one of the most skin-crawling scenes viewers will have to endure in a later episode.

French actress Isabelle has detailed a huge last-minute change to a key sequence in They Were None, the new Agatha Christie series released by Walter Presents.

In the latest adaptation of the author’s classic novel And Then There Were None, Isabelle portrays a member of staff at a mysterious hotel where several strangers are lured to their deaths.

Although she initially keeps a low profile, the first episode of the series reveals her character Myriam has a dark past.

Later in the series, several members of the group were picked off by a sinister unknown killer, and some survivors start pointing the blame at Kelly (played by Manon Azem).

“There’s a scene in the bathtub and the bathtub was too small,” Isabelle explained.

“We adapted to all the problems we had by talking a lot and solving it together.

“In this case, the director had a very strong vision, he knew what he wanted and I had never done something like that.

“It’s always fun for an actor to do those kinds of scenes in this genre. He was a master of that.”

Led by director Pascal Laugier, the cast and crew worked together to solve the problems presented by the series’ demanding premise.

Once Kelly starts to arise suspicions, she’s kidnapped and tied up in a slowly-filling bathtub, leaving her mere minutes before she starts drowning.

Isabelle recalled: “It was a tough one because [Manon] is tall and you have to make it believable that she’s drowning.

“At the last minute, they figured out the bath was too small. I think they reshot the scene later, but I’m not sure. They might have done it later in Paris.”

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Thankfully, they eventually managed to pull the scene off and it became just one heartstopping sequence in an onslaught of thrilling twists and turns.

“For one scene he would put one camera on top of the bed, there was a camera under, one on a little tray,” Isabelle said of They Were Ten’s production.

“His vision was always high quality, which is what makes the series really beautiful.

“The way he shot, you never felt, ‘Oh, we don’t have the time to do that.’ It was always pushing, pushing for the best quality possible.”

As for her own stand-out moment of the series, Isabelle had plenty of fun electrocuting Myriam’s colleague Maryline (Ludivine Manca).

“It was great… the scene where I had to kill Maryline, he had a vision,” she said.

“Every sequence was always like, ‘Yes, I’m going to do that.’

“For my character, she’s submissive, so I really enjoyed doing this flashback and getting to play that. It’s always fun to do as an actor.”

With 10 potential victims to play with, there is plenty more opportunity for toe-curling violence and startling revelations in the six-part series, which is now available in its entirety.

They Were Ten is available to stream on All4.

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