Tom Hiddleston Shares Meaningful Experience Since Returning to Film Loki After COVID-19

The ‘Loki’ actor as well as the cast and crew of the Disney+ series return to the show’s production after filming was halted for five months at the start of the pandemic.

AceShowbizTom Hiddleston says returning to work after the first COVID-19 lockdown was a “meaningful” experience. Filming on the actor’s Disney+ series “Loki” was halted for five months at the start of the pandemic, but the cast and crew eventually returned in a bubble to continue working on the show for another 12 weeks, and Tom says being back with people again was a huge relief.

Speaking with Gentleman’s Journal, he said, “On the last day on set of Loki’s first season, after the very last shot, we all, without instruction, seemed to stand in a circle – with nowhere to go, with the job done, and clapped. It’s hard to describe the feeling of relief, of the gratitude we felt for each other, for every member of our cast and crew.”

“Filming had been interrupted by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic one third of the way into our planned schedule – we locked down for five months – and we restarted after that first hiatus to resume exactly where we had left off, and to finish the story,” he added.

Of the experience, Tom further explained, “We supported each other with a spirit, care and kindness in a way I have never seen before. ‘Whatever happens to this series’, I thought, ‘whichever way it goes, the making of it was meaningful. There is meaning in the doing.’ “

Loki finally premiered on Disney+ in June after the lengthy delays and a second series is now in the works. Filming started at Pinewood Studios in the UK in June and season two is expected to consist of six episodes which will be made available on Disney+.

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