Virgin River theory: Ricky’s future return ‘sealed’ after Lizzie clue?

Virgin River's Sarah Dugdale discusses Lizzie's future

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Virgin River season five is in the making for Netflix and viewers were heartbroken when Ricky (played by Grayson Gurnsey) left to join the Marines. Grayson told he was not in the upcoming season, but there was hope he could return in the future. His co-star Sarah Dugdale, who plays Lizzie, suggested the pair may even rekindle their romance.

Lizzie became Ricky’s love interest in the previous season, but their relationship went pear-shaped after Ricky lied to her.

He did not want to tell her about signing up to join the Marines as he was worried she may try and stop him.

However, when Lizzie eventually found out, she was more upset that Ricky had kept her in the dark.

She called off the relationship and in season four, Ricky tried to make amends with her.

They did share some sweet moments in the previous season, with Sarah suggesting there could be more to come.

Sarah told “I think that scene really showed the love and the care she has for Ricky isn’t gone.

“With time and with healing maybe they will revisit their relationship they have, it was a good way of showing the door is still open.

“I don’t think Lizzie has ever lost the feelings she has for Ricky and that scene, in general, was so beautiful.”

With this in mind, it seems Ricky could return from the Marines to see Lizzie waiting for him with open arms.

While Ricky is gone, Lizzie could come to realise how much she really cared about him.

Not wanting to be apart from him any longer, she could ask for the pair to get back together.

Ricky wanted nothing more than to be in her good books again, so he should welcome her back into his life easily.

However, his time with the Marines may have changed his judgement when it comes to relationships.

Fans will have to wait and see how he may react to Lizzie’s sudden change of heart.

But it seems Lizzie knows where her heart truly lies, and it may not be with newcomer Denny (Kai Bradbury).

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He too had been lying to her about why he was being so distant, as he had a terminal illness.

Denny did not want to tell her he had Huntington’s Disease and may not be around for a long time.

Sarah explained: “[With denny] I think she really needs to decide whether she is capable of continuing to be close to this person and deepening their bond when she knows he has a terminal illness.

“I think that’s really a heavy thing to deal with when you’re 19 and I’d hope she would maybe rise to the occasions and just live in the moment with Denny.

“Regardless of their romantic relationship, I would hope they could get to a place where it wouldn’t be awkward if Lizzie took the job Hope is offering.


“Because I think that’s what she really wants to do and I hope she doesn’t let anything with Denny stand in the way of pursuing this thing that would give her a lot of purpose.”

Hope (Annette O’Toole) offered Lizzie a job as a carer as she wanted someone she could trust to be with her after her accident.

Lizzie was reluctant to take up the offer as she knew things would be awkward with Denny around all the time.

She may try and persuade the pair to just be friends so she can avoid letting any feelings get in the way of the job.

If Denny is out of the picture romantically, she will realise how much she misses Ricky.

Virgin River seasons 1-4 are on Netflix now with season 5 in the making.

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