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SOAP fans have been scratching their heads over who Mackenzie Boyd could have cheated on Charity Dingle with.

Emmerdale spoilers have confirmed viewers will soon find out who bedded the hunk. Here's our rundown on the possible suspects.

Chloe Harris

Probability: 75%

Jessie Elland's on-screen alter ego is our primary suspect as she has been known for her own relationship drama.

So what could have stopped from stirring up trouble in Mackenzie Boyd's (portrayed by Lawrence Robb) love life?

When she first stepped into the eponymous village, Chloe became involved with reformed troublesome teen Noah Dingle (played by Jack Downham).

However, the pair was forced to keep their relationship under wraps due to Chloe's evil father – a ruthless criminal she assured would come for Noah if he ever found out about them.

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Months down the line, Chloe took a liking to another villager, Noah's friend Jacob Gallagher (Joe-Warren Plant).

What followed was a tense love triangle as Chloe spent a night with Jacob, which sent Noah off the rails.

Chloe was stalked, terrorised and almost assaulted by Noah until he was turned in to the police by his mother Charity (Emma Atkins) and sent to prison.

Adding on to our suspicions is Chloe's fling with Mackenzie's friend, Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter), hinting that she may have a preference for older men.

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Finally, Chloe has limited screen time since Noah was thrown behind bars, making a potential reveal even more surprising.

Has Chloe added Mackenzie to her tally?

Belle Dingle

Probability: 60%

Much like Chloe Harris, Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper) has been more of less absent from our screens.

The youngest of Zak Dingle's child was catapulted into the spotlight when she discovered Chas Dingle cheating on her husband Paddy with Al Chapman.

And considering her reaction to their affair, it would be highly hypocritical of her to sleep with Mackenzie, who has been committed to the Woolpack's Charity for months.

However, Belle is no stranger to infidelity herself as she had her own affair with a married Jamie Tate in 2020.

But what if her breakup with Ellis Chapman was weighing heavily on her mind and heart?

The lad left the Dales in February, 2022, going ahead with his plan to move to Australia after a friend offered him a job.

One could speculate Belle would be tempted to soothe her heartache with another man.

But sleeping with Mackenzie would also create A LOT of drama within her own family, which has become a recurring occurrence for the Dingle clan.

Could Belle be the other woman?

Gabby Thomas

Probability: 60%

Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) recently made it clear she was ready to get back into the dating world after turning all of her attention on her son Thomas.

And after her disastrous romance with Jamie Tate, she was adamant on finding her perfect partner, thus signing up for a dating app.

Unfortunately, this led her straight into physiotherapist Kit's arms, despite him being committed to her stepmother Laurel Thomas (Charlotte Bellamy).

Since then, Gabby was pushed by Sandra Flaherty into Vinny Dingle's target line as the schemer was trying to drive a wedge between him and her daughter Liv – to no avail.

While Gabby and Mackenzie would be an unlikely pairing, is it really that far-fetched?


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Chas Dingle

Probability: 55%

Charity snatched the Woolpack away from Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) in a bid to save the pub from a sad fate.

But while she maintained the Dingle legacy afloat, Chas was bitter to see her become the new landlady, which led to the cousins to bicker relentlessly.

Both landladies eventually made peace, with Chas becoming the pub manager – but could Mackenzie come in between them?

Chas is low on our list due to her love affair with Al Chapman (Michael Wildman).

But it's her illicit romance with the local businessman which makes her likely to have shared an evening with Mackenzie as infidelity is clearly not off the table for her.

However, spoilers have teased she'll soon be more focused on building a future with Al, before getting caught by another villager.

Tracy Metcalfe

Probability: 40%

Spoilers have revealed actress Amy Walsh will reprise her role as Tracy Metcalfe after her maternity leave.

The character left for a new life in Nottingham in January, 2022, and is heading back to the village ahead of Emmerdale's 50th anniversary, which will be celebrated on October 16.

Tracy is set to bump into Nate Robinson for the first time in months after the pair broke up due to his infidelity.

And she's said to be keeping a secret from him.

Could Tracy have returned to the Dales without anybody knowing, apart from Mack?

Much like Belle, it would be hypocritical for Tracy to sleep with Mackenzie due to her knowing how much of a betrayal cheating is.

But could she want to break Nate's friendship with Mackenzie?

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Only time will tell.

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