Whoopi Goldberg clashes with The View’s Sunny Hostin after huge debate

Whoopi Goldberg clashes with Sunny Hostin during heated debate

On Thursday, panellists Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sara Haines and Sunny Hostin returned to The View to discuss current affairs and trending topics. However, a conversation about artificial intelligence soon turned into a heated debate as Whoopi and Sunny clashed.

After it was revealed that tech leaders have called for a pause on major AI experiments, the women discussed their concerns about the growing technology.

Discussing their apprehension, Sara warned “everyone should be scared” if the professionals behind this have called for a halt.

She explained: “When the technical brain, the engineers behind the technology say we need to put a hold on this, something’s going on, everyone should be scared.”

While Whoopi agreed with Sara’s claim, Sunny struggled to hide her disagreement as she argued Tesla cars are also AI.

After Whoopi instantly disagreed, Sunny added: “That’s why I prefaced this with ‘how are you all defining AI?’ Because some people define AI that way.”

While Sara and Whoopi disagreed with her idea of the Tesla cars being AI, Sunny was interrupted as she tried to explain her point.

Addressing the crew, an exasperated Whoopi asked: “Can someone explain this for her?”

To which Sunny hit back: “Well, you don’t have to explain it to me.

“Because I’m saying, there’s people that define AI in different ways,” she continued.

They then spoke over each other as Sunny spouted: “Your definition is different from mine but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong.”

Whoopi then simplified her point: “I’m saying to you is, AI is AI and what they are concerned about is this machine becoming a sentient being making decisions for itself, without guidance.

“That’s what they’re concerned about,” the actress clarified.

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Although Joy and Sara stayed out of the argument, Sara moved the discussion towards ChatGPT.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and several other tech leaders and artificial intelligence experts urged AI labs to pause the development of powerful new AI systems.

They did so in an open letter which cited potential risks to society.

Early in the segment, Sara suggested the tech and AI experts who signed the letter should work with the government to get the technology to a place where they feel better about it.

While Sunny Hostin disagreed and said the letter meant “nothing” to her.

She stated: “When Elon Musk, who has turned Twitter into a hellscape and is a maniac, that means nothing to me.

“Now if there’s someone like Bill Gates perhaps, if there is someone who is very respected in this community, I would agree with you.”

The View continues weekdays on ABC in the USA.

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