Alec Baldwin announces Woody Allen interview: 'I have ZERO INTEREST in anyone’s judgments'

Alec Baldwin will be interviewing Woody Allen — and he has “ZERO INTEREST in anyone’s judgments” about it.

“This coming Tuesday, [June] 28th, I’m going to be doing an Instagram Live with… Woody Allen,” the Rust actor, 64, revealed on Sunday. “Who I love,” he added of the controversial director. “I love you, Woody.””>View this post on Instagram

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Baldwin urged his followers to “be there” for the conversation with 86-year-old Allen, whom he worked with on films including 1990’s Alice, 2012’s To Rome With Love and 2013’s Blue Jasmine. However, he also acknowledged it would divisive.

“Let me preface this by stating that I have ZERO INTEREST in anyone’s judgments and sanctimonious posts here,” Baldwin captioned his post. “I am OBVIOUSLY someone who has my own set of beliefs and COULD NOT CARE LESS about anyone else’s speculation. If you believe that a trial should be conducted by way of an HBO documentary, that’s your issue.”

All the top comments on Baldwin’s post were negative ones.

Allen, of course, was accused of sexual abuse by his adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow, in 1992. The 7-year-old child he shared with actress Mia Farrow claimed he molested her in the attic of Farrow’s Connecticut home. Allen, who wasn’t charged but lost custody of the child and two of her siblings, has repeatedly denied the allegations. He went on to marry one of Farrow’s other adopted children, Soon-Yi Previn, who is 35 years his junior.

In 2014, Dylan published an open letter in The New York Times, shining a new spotlight on her claims. The claims were the subject of the 2021 HBO Max docuseries, Allen v. Farrow. At the time the doc was released, Baldwin publicly defended Allen, saying, “Who needs courtrooms or rule of law when we have trial by media?” The resurfaced allegations against Allen have led to many actors who have previously worked with Allen to distance themselves from him. Allen, for his part, has called those actors “well-meaning but foolish” and said they are “persecuting a perfectly innocent person and they’re enabling this lie.”

Allen and Baldwin go way back, starting to work together in the late 1980s. Allen and Previn were guests at Baldwin’s 2012 wedding to Hilaria Baldwin. Amid the Rust shooting last year, when a gun Baldwin was holding went off, killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, Baldwin snapped at a reporter who asked him about the shooting while he was leaving Allen’s NYC home.

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