Bachelor Alum Bekah Martinez Is 'Ready' to Be Engaged After Rejecting Boyfriend's First Proposal

Bekah Martinez Instagram

Bekah Martinez is ready to take a big step in her relationship.

In a recent TikTok video, the former Bachelor contestant said she was “wondering” how her boyfriend Grayston Leonard was “going to propose” — but then she added, “Remembering he already proposed to me three years ago and I said no but still took pics.”

This revelation — accompanied by photos from Leonard’s attempt to put a ring on it — came as a surprise to fans of Martinez, who offered a “more detailed explanation” about what went down after one follower asked for a “story time.”

“My boyfriend and I got pregnant only three months into dating in 2018. So, we barely knew each other. The whole pregnancy was really difficult and really not fun. We were both really pissed at each other for a number of reasons,” she said in another TikTok post. “Our daughter Ruth was born February 2nd, 2019. And immediately when she was born, so much of our stress and anxiety and resentment that had been happening throughout the pregnancy kind of faded away. And I felt like, this is the first time where we really got a chance to fall in love with each other.”

She continued, “But then he proposed only two weeks later, the day after Valentine’s Day. And I was like, ‘This is so sweet but now is just not the time. I’m still super hormonal. I’m in the thick of postpartum.’ And also, like, our relationship still wasn’t in the best place. We had a lot to sort through, a lot we had to talk through.”

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Martinez said she also didn’t want to get engaged “because we had a baby.”

“I wanted it to be something special that was a commitment that we both wanted to make to each other, just between the two of us. Not having anything to with our kids,” she said. “So now, you know, we have two kids together. We sorted through a lot in couple’s therapy and now I feel ready to say yes. So, we’ll see what happens. I do foresee a proposal sometime in the near future.”

In a third TikTok, Martinez recalled her beau being “okay” with her declining his proposal at the time.

Since beginning their relationship in 2018, Martinez and Leonard have become parents to daughter Ruth Ray De La Luz, 3, and son Franklin James, 2.

Bekah Martinez Instagram

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The couple has discussed their desire to get married someday, but they have also had candid conversations about entering into an open relationship.

“We’ve talked before about, like, I want to get married, but like, ‘I don’t know if I want to have sex with you for the rest of my life,'” she shared on Dear Media’s Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast last year. “And so we’ve talked about that maybe one day we’d have an open relationship.”

Martinez said Leonard was “possibly open” to such an arrangement.

“He’s not that jealous,” she said, adding they always intend to be committed to each other, regardless. “We have two kids together and we live together and love each other.”

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