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A BEAUTICIAN who was caught driving twice over the legal limit has claimed she got drunk just seconds before being pulled over.

Chelsey McDonald, 30, had been on the way to a bar with friends in her orange BMW convertible when the group decided to pour alcohol into their eyeballs.

The mum of two insisted she had been sober whilst at the wheel of her vehicle – but explained she and friends poured capfuls of vodka into their eyes after she parked.

McDonald said: “One of the girls said ‘Shall we put it in our eyeball?' 

“Apparently it gets you drunk a lot faster than it does downing it. I was just excited, I could not wait to get out and park the car and be able to have a drink. ”

At Sefton magistrates court, McDonald, of Huyton, Liverpool denied drink driving but was convicted after a trial in which prosecutors condemned her defence as ''ridiculous.''

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She was also found guilty of assaulting an emergency worker after she kicked out at police during her arrest. 

The incident began at 9pm on November 13 last year in West Derby village Liverpool after a member of the public called police to express concerns about McDonald's driving.

At a car park near the Hare and Hounds pub she was seen to turn right without indicating and just as a taxi was exiting. 

At a car park near the Hare and Hounds pub she was seen "doing a little dance" when she got out of the car before stumbling into the pub with her friends.

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Police caught up with them as they about to get to the door.

Bodycam footage showed McDonald repeatedly asking ‘What is going on?’ and ‘What are you arresting me for?’ then became aggressive after her mobile phone was seized.

As she pleaded: “Give me my phone, I'm not doing anything wrong, what the f*** is going on?”


At one point McDonald apologised and said: “I am so sorry, I am so drunk” but then lashed out with her legs as she was being handcuffed. 

Whilst being restrained on the floor she kicked a PC in the chest area and she was placed in leg restraints.

Tests showed McDonald had 63 micrograms of alcohol in 100 mililitres of breath, the legal limit being 35mg.

Giving evidence McDonald said she had had two bottles of WKD earlier in the evening, one at around 5.30pm and the other about 6.10pm but that she had felt “absolutely fine” getting behind the wheel at 8.30pm.

Her friends Anna and Kim had a swig from an £8 or £9 bottle of vodka on the way, she said, and that once they had arrived she had three or four gulps before they each had a capful in the eye.

She claimed she only stumbled because she had pain in her eye because of the vodka.


Prosecutor Miss Paula Grogan told the court it would be ''practically impossible'' for McDonald and her two friends to have completed the bizarre drinking games in the 14 seconds between her parking and getting out of the car.

She said: “There is nothing to suggest that her eye is sore on the video and she makes no mention of it to the officer. This is because it's not true. 

“It's something she has made up to get off this very sticky wicket that she finds herself in. She was not happy with the concept of spending a night in the cells.”

Earlier PC Jordan James told the hearing: ''She was heavily intoxicated, slurring her speech, unsteady on her feet, and her eyes were glazed. She did not appear to be fully with it.

"She was not cooperative with the officers, refused to provide details, refused to say how she got to the location and was just generally dismissive of what we were trying to establish."

He added: "She had to be restrained on the floor. She started kicking out and kicked at me and made contact with the stomach and chest area.”

For McDonald defence lawyer Keith Webster said: “The concept of putting vodka in your eyes is so left field, so painful, it is not something somebody would say if not true. Why not just say, ‘I drank lots of vodka’?”

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McDonald was banned from driving for 18 months sentenced her to a 12-week 7pm-7am curfew, and ordered that she pay £395 in costs and victim surcharge.

JP Christina Hill told her: “We believe it is implausible that alcohol level could be attained by drinking in the car park in the manner you said.”

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