Benjamin Mendy’s ‘fixer’ Louis Saha Matturie ‘found victims for Man City footballer to rape at mansion and luxury flat’ | The Sun

BENJAMIN Mendy used his mate Louis Saha Matturie as a "fixer" to find young victims for the Man City footballer to rape, a court has heard.

Mendy, 28, and his co-accused Matturie are said to have plied their victims with drink and took their mobile phones away, leaving them vulnerable and isolated.

Matturie is originally from Sierra Leone but resides in Edwin Court, Eccles.

Chester Crown Court heard how Mendy and Matturie, 40, used an isolated luxury "mansion" and inner-city flat to rape multiple women as young as 17.

The French left back denies eight counts of rape, one count of attempted rape, one count of sexual assault, relating to 13 women, between October 2018 and August last year.

Jurors were told that the former world cup winner turned his pursuit of young women into a "game" and "engineered" sexual scenarios where they felt "no" wasn't an option.

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Timothy Cray, QC, told the jury that Matturie acted as Mendy's friend and fixer, and was used by him to procure "young women".

He explained that Matturie had used in a city centre apartment in Manchester, and he had used that residence to find young women who could be raped and sexually assaulted.

He said: "Saha, the second defendant, was a helper and a friend of Mendy and also is 'fixer.' Saha had a flat in Manchester that Mendy paid for…they were very close.

"The allegations show that one of Saha's jobs for Mendy was to find young women and to create the situations where those young women could be raped and sexually assaulted."

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Mr Cray said nine women alleged they were either raped or sexually assaulted at Mendy's mansion in Mottram St Andrew, Cheshire, by the co-defendant.

He added that there were also four separate complaints against Saha involving allegations away from Mendy's house, in Manchester and over in Sheffield.

He said that the two defendants showed "callous indifference" to the woman who they attempted to have sex with, and that they existed "purely for sex".

"The acts that the defendants did together show callous indifference to the women they went after.

"In their minds, and this could not be clearer, the stream of women they brought to their homes existed purely to be pursued for sex.

"There are many separate incidents charged on the indictment involving 13 different women, you are going to hear from.

"Our case is that the defendants' pursuit of these 13 women turned them into predators, who were prepared to commit serious sexual offences.

Mr Cray explained that at Mendy's country mansion in Cheshire, the pair were able to "gain control over their victims" due to a number of factors, including that it was "isolated".

He said: "Put simply, it's a mansion. It was isolated or so many of the witnesses thought, and once they were there, with the gates locked behind them – they felt vulnerable.

"A number of witnesses had their phones taken off them… There were certainly some complaints of being taken to rooms they believed were locked.

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"By the time they gone there, some of the woman were drunk, and there is evidence that some of them defendants at various times wanted these women to be drunk.

"There was difference in ages and wealth between the defendants and the woman you are going to hear from."

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