Biography of Allen Haff

Born October 15, 1969 in the USA. Today he is 52 years old. Allen Haff began his film career at the age of 32, starring in Immortal Souls: Killer Rats.

Filmography of Allen Haff

If there is one thing that Allen Lee Haff stands out for, it is his dedication to preparing the roles that have been assigned to him. We speak not only physically, but also mentally and intellectually. Knowing what that character’s daily life would be like and looking for real references is his main task during many months of work. Here you can see the results of that hard work in all the films he made during his lifetime.

Allen Lee Haff’s professional career passes through working with great directors from whom he learned a lot and was able to adapt to the role as requested by the director. Some of them are: Peter Kosminsky.

One of Allen Lee Haff’s virtues when it comes to playing roles is his ability to adapt the interpretation of him when we talk about drama. Allen Lee Haff appears in films and TV series as an actor as well as an actor from 1981 to 2010.

Auction Hunters

Auction Hunters is an American reality television series that premiered on November 9, 2010, on The Thorn.

In June 2011, Spike announced that he had ordered a third season of Auction Hunters with 26 episodes.[1] In August 2012, Spike announced that he had ordered a fourth season of 26 episodes.

Why Auction Hunters came to an end

Auction Hunters is an American reality television series that premiered on Spike in November 2010. It follows Clinton Jones and Allen Haff as they attend storage unit auctions in Southern California. Each episode features the pair bidding on and winning abandoned storage units, appraising the items found inside, and then selling the most profitable and valuable pieces to collectors or experts.

During the fourth season of Auction Hunters, Clinton and Allen started a pawnshop business. However, the duo later broke up and the show seemingly died with them.

In January 2014, the Auction Hunters Season 5 trailer hinted that Allen and Clinton had separated, which forced Allen to find a new partner. However, the trailer also depicted Clinton alone at some auctions. The show’s fifth and final season premiered in October of the same year.

The death of “Big Sis” from “Deal – Auction Hunters”

A Deal “Auction Hunters” was a US reality television series that aired starting November 9, 2010 on Spike. In Italy it is still broadcast on DMAX and Discovery Channel.

The series tells the adventures that the two protagonists, Allen Haff and Clinton “Ton” Jones have, when they participate in auctions of abandoned or foreclosed deposits throughout the United States. In each episode we show the big profits obtained from the objects found inside each lot bought “blindly”.

From the third season onwards Allen and Ton have an assistant, Carolyn Giannelli, to whom they teach the secrets of the trade, but she soon left them to continue her career as an abandoned lot buyer with her father.

In the fourth season, Allen and Ton open a pawn shop, which, despite being very well known, does not give good earnings. This season he makes an appearance in the Robin Nomik Matte series better known as “Big Sis”.

Big Sis immediately becomes the main part of the TV series for his friendliness and experience; but the fourth series ends with the sale of the shop and the two protagonists greet their assistants including Big Sis, leaving only her an envelope with some money to launch into the world of auctions.

No one could have expected anything strange until, at the opening of the fifth and new season of “Auction Hunters”, a short commemorative sequence in Honor of “BIG Sis” appears !. Most fans knew nothing about the funeral being kept private among her friends and family.