Boss is slammed for leaving a 'passive aggressive' note in company toilet leaving workers outraged | The Sun

A BOSS has been slammed by outraged workers after leaving a passive aggressive note in the company toilet.

The note found its way onto popular social media site Reddit after being uploaded by a user named Ultimate Primate.

And people were stunned over the unbelievable message stuck on the toilet door by a manager which ordered staff not to poo there.

The disgruntled boss seemingly took their leadership role to a new level by putting themselves in the position to manage their workers bathroom schedule.

Workers were warned that only having a wee is allowed to happen in the designated bog.

The note read: "This Bathroom is for #1 ONLY. Please respect the others that work in this office.

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"If you need to do anything else, please use the bathrooms upstairs on in the Annex."

To top it all off, the incredible request was accompanied by a winking poo emoji.

And Reddit users were quick to comment on the situation and condemn the manager's demands.

One person slammed: “Ridiculous. Use the bathroom like responsible adults. Get a fan, open a window.

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“Clean up after yourselves. Sounds so simple.”

Another user added: “I would make it my life goal to s*** something hideously foul in there daily."

“I would literally hold in my morning s*** just to poop there,"quipped a third.

And a fourth person said they could relate to the messy situation.

They said: “I once had a boss write me a really long email suggesting I use public restrooms closer to my work area as opposed to the employee ones at the back of the office.

“Challenge me – I will be spending the next hour in the employee bathroom reading!”

But some sided with the manager and felt like the banning of pooing at work was justified.

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One said: "Don't you just hate that co-worker that just murders the toilet."

“I do know, I feel like the designated pooping bathroom should be part of new hire orientation," said a second.

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